Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy serves the manner in the way The Geek Info collects users data. These policies also apply to our Digital services and Goods provided in name of this website by me or someone representing The Geek Info.

Healthy Cookies

Cookies aren't healthy but in case of tracking and providing better user experience we need to use cookies like all other websites on the Internet, cookies help us to understand user behavior and help identifying our new and old visitors. If want you can disable cookies but it may affect user experience on out Website.

Personal Details Collected by

We collect very basic information to analyze our traffic, type of audience. All these info have very little sense to identify a user for example, browser name, IP address, country location etc. These Information can be only used us and indirectly by our advertisers. So it is completely impossible to identify a person with this little details.


We also collect E-mails to deliver our newsletters through Feedburner and serving services. Emails are not directly stores, either they are used for communication or just to deliver newsletters through feedburner.

Google Adsense

We are using Google Adsense to show ads on our website. Google may use cookie to serve ads. Dart uses non-personal info to target users through activities. You can see Google Ad and Content network privacy policy for here.

How we use collected information

We strictly repects our visitor's privacy and we collect very basic data for different purposes. We use cookies to get details of users and provide them better user experience, third-party ads are also served in our website with help of third-party codes and we ensure that they are not harmful in any manner to our users.

We collect informations for :-

  • Personification :- We use collected data to personalize your experience on our websites to make you feel special with help of cookies.
  • Our Improvement :- We need to improve us day by day to chase our goals and your basic information help us to help more with our informative "Geek Journals".
  • Content Quality :- We are learners here and we collect user input data like comments, social inputs to increase quality of content, you can feel free to contact us to point any error in our website.


We don't have a physical address yet but you can contact us on following social places :-
Facebook ( You can get a quick response)
Twitter (I don't use it very often).