How to Trade Bitcoin - Learn Bitcoin Trading

If you have been following the news you will know that bitcoin is one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency has come a long way since its launch in 2009. The price has seen many fluctuations which can be attributed to several reasons.

How to Trade Bitcoin

However, if you wish to make a fortune, then you need to trade bitcoin. If you are new to this, it is vital that you know the basics of bitcoin dealing as well as the factors that might affect the price, and trading strategies before you venture into deep waters of bitcoin trading.

What can cause the bitcoin price to change?

Movement of the value of cryptocurrency bitcoin offers a great way to make some money. However, to make a profit you need to know how and when can the price change. 

Moreover, the price change is often sudden and dramatic. Since the bitcoin market operates 24x7, this can occur anytime, making dealing with bitcoin a thrilling as well as challenging thing.

Unlike other currencies that are affected by the economic and political conditions prevalent in the country, the value of bitcoin is not changed due to these factors. The reasons for any movement in the bitcoin prices can be attributed to the following facts.

  • Bitcoin supply – There are 21 million bitcoins which will be mined by 2040. Since there is a limit to the number of bitcoins, their availability fluctuates depending on the rate at which they enter the market as well as what the owners of these bitcoins do with the cryptocurrency.
  • Market cap – The value of the cryptocurrency depends on how valuable people think it is. Thus, it can be easily influenced by traders, who can short it as well as create an inflated bubble.
  • Bad press – Public perception can change the fortunes of any currency and bitcoin is no exception.
  • Industry’s response – Currently, the cryptocurrency is not favored by most businesses across the world. Integration of the currency into the payment system and crowdfunding platform (like traditional currencies are used) will go a long way in enhancing the worth of bitcoin, especially in a corporate setting.
  • Major events – Any major changes in policies across the globe like security breaches, regulation changes or macroeconomic setbacks can have an effect on the value of the cryptocurrency.

Different Bitcoin trading strategies

If you wish to deal in bitcoin, there are two ways to do it; either buy it in order to sell it at a profit or guess its value without investing in it. The latter is how CFD works, You can also try BTC SuperStarThe various strategies involved in bitcoin trading include.

  • Day trading –This is based on short term movement of the cryptocurrency where you close at the end of the trading day. This is beneficial if you wish to make the most of the short-term opportunities in the bitcoin trading market.
  • Swing trading – This involves catching hold of the trend and holding your position till the trend continues or signs of reversal are seen. This is the best strategy if you wish to capitalize on market gains.
  • Scalping – As the name specifies, you make frequent intraday trades and gain from minor price movement. This technique works well for people who wish to make continuous profits rather than wait for a major breakout.
  • Automated trading – You can automate the trading process to cater to changing market conditions. This works well for passive traders who do not have the time to follow the upheavals of the market.

How to Trade Bitcoin?

A bitcoin exchange works in a way like traditional exchanges. Investors can buy or sell the cryptocurrency from one another. However, unlike traditional exchanges, these lack proper regulation and public records.

Additionally, the servers and matching engines are unreliable, and they impose a fee restriction on funding and withdrawing from your exchange account. The various steps involved in bitcoin trading are.

  • Opening an IG trading account
  • Building a trading plan as per the strategies mentioned above depending on your financial goals and acceptable risks.
  • Research before investing your money in the cryptocurrency. It is better that you know the latest in bitcoin news to assess price trends before placing a trade.
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Security as a Matter of Concern: What Is the Best Encrypted Messenger?

Where do we spend most of our time? What do we do? We're online, browsing, and texting each other. On business, on personal matters, on whatever matters can be. Are we private while doing this? World experts claim that for 100% No.

If you think that there is no one who is interested in you and your personal info, you are deeply mistaken. There are hundreds of institutions, corporations, cybercriminals whose prime aim is to dig, intercept, thieve and use your data for their purposes for - to feed you with targeted ads, to use your passwords, to read the content of your chats.

That's naturally that with time, people started to develop and use the services, which are to protect your personal data, correspondence and hide the traces of online presence.

Why did we start to use encryption?

To secure the content we share. Usually, messengers use end-to-end encryption. This type of encryption means that only users participating in the dialogue have access to messages. 

The server transferring the data cannot decrypt the content, and even if the central server is hacked, it is protected. However, since the source code of almost all instant messengers is closed, the use of E2EE has to be swollen for granted.

The best solution, in this case, is the combination of modern encryption techniques with the decentralized architecture.

Signal vs. Silent Phone: What is the best encrypted messenger?

It's believed that Signal and Silent Phone are the two most secure messengers for the time being.


It's an app for instant messages exchange. It uses open cryptographic protocols for strong encryption and secure data transfer. Thus, it uses the Signal Protocol end-to-end encryption algorithm developed by OWS, which is quite popular among other messengers now.

To make sure that it is your interlocutor who is holding the smartphone, and not someone else, the Safety Number option will help. On top of all, the password protection function of the messenger will help to protect the information on your device from prying eyes.

It's free, and there are no ads, and the devs promise that there are no chances for them to appear. The convenience is added thanks to the ability to set it as the default call and SMS app.

Silent Phone

That's a newly introduced messenger of Silent Circle - a company specialized in data protection, created by former Navy SEALS. To become their client, you have to buy their secure smartphone ($800), which shows a really impressive safety level, or to install their app on Android/iOS.

Developers guarantee the transfer of data in their services directly from client to client in encrypted form using the peer-to-peer principle. It is almost impossible to intercept information or decrypt it.

Mentioning the Silent Circle company, I want to emphasize that it has developed its own network. To be able to communicate with each other, customers must be registered in it or have the necessary smartphones and special applications. 

The offered app is free for download, but you have to pay $9,95 for a monthly subscription. That's quite a little for personal freedom and security. And given that the big brother often invades our personal lives, then the very possibility of complicating his task is worth it.

Or you can wait for some activists to create a similar open-source project that all can use.

Which one to call the best encrypted messenger? You tell. Each of them still has its strengths and weak points. But the industry doesn't stay still, new messengers and other solutions for security appear on the market. Our task is not to stop searching for a flawless messenger.
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Windows Privacy Concerns, Learn Why You Should Use A VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps in creating a secured connection to another network over the Internet.  Virtual Private Network (VPN) is actually a paid service with the help of which it becomes possible to keep your web browser security.

With a secured VPN connection it becomes possible to connect your PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. to the server and it also permits you to browse Internet using secure Internet connection.

Hence, VPN software thatworks perfectly on Windows acts as a secure tunnel between the PC and destination which you need to visit on the Internet.

Reasons for Using VPN

Apart from establishing a secured online connection between two or more computers, there are various reasons for using a VPN. These reasons are mentioned as follows.

  • Browsing the Web securely on Public Wi-Fi: You may get free Wi-Fi when you go to shopping complexes, parks, railway stations, etc. It is a natural tendency for people to get online as soon as they get free Internet. Accessing the Internet without a VPN can be a very risky matter. With free Wi-Fi you can easily get into trap as fake Internet connection that operates as a pleasant face can be a phishing scam.

  • Beating location-based streaming restrictions: There can be a location-based restriction in streaming the website. For example, you may be in the UK and want to streamed releases on the US version Netflix. But if you install a VPN and specify a local server you will be able to securely connect to and route data. Hence even if your computer is in the United States of America it can be connected to the server that is there in the United Kingdom.

  • Defeating oppressive Government Censorship:  Government of a country sometimes prevent you from accessing certain websites especially when you want to access other country’s website. But at times it becomes necessary to communicate to the outside world. In such a case you can easily use VPN to access the materials as well as services that you may need to use without any security. In VPN every data is encrypted which means all your online actions are private.

  • Saving money on online shopping: VPN can also help you to save money on online shopping. For example, if you observe the product of an online retail store you will find that its price varies from country to country. Hence if you want to purchase the product from another country where it costs you can save a lot of money. But this can only become possible only by using a VPN.

  • Saving money on airfares: You may also be able to save a lot of money by purchasing air tickets from different countries with a VPN. Airfares can be different from country to country even if the departure and destination remain the same. For example, it is observed carefully you will find that air ticket is cheaper via a Norwegian IP address rather than that of Malaysian IP address. If you have a VPN connection you will be able to purchase your air ticket from that country where the cost is low.

  • Encrypting everything automatically: Whatever online activities you perform via VPN everything is encrypted. Even if you send an important message or confidential email via VPN there is no risk of cyber theft as the data will be totally encrypted. A secure and private tunnel is created for sending you data. Thus public Wi-Fi can also be safe and how data, as well as browse activity, will be kept from the eyes of government censors.

  • Enjoying private and secured voice chat: With the help of a VPN, it becomes possible to keep the video and voice chat secured. There are some chat apps that do not have built-in encryption. For example, chat over Voice over IP (VOIP) does not have built-in encryption. That is the reason why whenever you will use voice chatting app like Skype, Google, Hangout, etc. should not be used without VPN connection. Apart using VPN the speed of the chatting will also increase considerably.
Due to the above-mentioned reasons, the use of VPN becomes very vital for every company that can protect from any kind of risk.

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Making Social Welfare Students Job-ready For The Private Sector

Students of TSWREIS or Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, the department of education, are opting for every possible measure in order to seek admission into the premier and top-notch national colleges of India for the last years. 

TSWREIS has finally come to the conclusion that it is not possible for every student to crack the IIT entrance examinations. Hence, they have introduced the novel scheme with an eye to bringing improvement in employment in the private sector.

For those students who are studying in 11th class in specific schools across the state, more than fourteen vocational courses are recognized in different areas like taxation, medical lab technician, hotel and retail management, physiotherapy, office assistantship, pre-primary school teacher, pharmacy.

Scopes of employment

R.S. Praveen Kumar, the Society secretary stated that they offer training to the children for cracking Government jobs since their ninth grades. At the same time, they have realized that the private sector requires immense manpower in different skills and areas which cannot be developed in the due course of time. 

The new education policy demands education since early childhood. They offer assistance to the students in finding out the most suitable job for them.

The society secretary, however, ensures that the scheme is not specifically for each and every student who is willing to go for full time higher education. It is however for those students who intend to pursue higher education but fail to do so owing to poverty. 

Thus, the vocational courses are primarily to connect students who belong to poor families and seek employment for earning bread and butter for the family. These courses will be useful to them in pursuing higher studies and earn for the family at the same time.

Almost 2200 students showed their interest for taking interest in the course out of which 1380 students have made enrollments in them in certain institutes as off now. However, there are high chances that the programs will be expanded to almost every high school in the near future. 

The society secretary also emphasized on the importance of the development of pre-primary schools with the prerequisite funding from SC corporation and similar agencies in the long term. 

It opens doors of job opportunities for students and let them become an entrepreneur as they set schools on their own in the process, once they complete the training.

School garages

The Society is found to tie with the Society for Employment Promotion and Training in Twin Cities or SETWIN for starting the School Garages in which students will seek training in Mobile Phone technology. 

As they take part in the training, they will learn different options for repairing the electronic gadgets of the new age. In accordance with the society secretary, they are allocating space in different schools which will help the students in learning more about those technologies.

Consolidation phase

At present, society is into the consolidation phase of the existing infrastructure. It has gained success in recruiting 3,000 teachers within the time duration of one year. In the process, more than four hundred lecturers will be recruited for the colleges, offering degrees to women.

More than twenty thousand girls have successfully completed their courses from these colleges who else would have got married. The Society secretary also added with pride that few of these women also gained success in entering to the Tata Institute of Social Studies with an eye to pursuing different postgraduate programs.

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What Is Dimensional Formula?

Dimensional formula and dimensional equations of a physical quantity are defined as the fundamental quantities that are raised to powers to express the physical quantity. The basic dimensional formula of mass is [M], the length is [L] and time is [T].

Dimensional Equations and Formulas

The other way of defining dimensional formula is, the physical quantities are expressed in terms of their basic units. For example, the dimensional formula of force is given as:

F = [MLT-2]

The unit of force is Newton or kg.m.s-2.

For any physical quantity, the dimensional formula is written when its relation with other physical quantities is known. Following is a table of the dimensional formula of a few quantities.

Physical quantity
Relation with other physical quantities
Dimensional formula
SI unit
Length * Breadth
[L]*[L] = [M0L2T0]
Length * Breadth * Height
[L]*[L]*[L] = [M0L3T0]
[M]/[L3] = [ML-3T0]
Force * Time
[MLT-2]*[T] = [MLT-1]

What is dimensional equation?

The dimensional equation is defined as the equation with dimensional formula. By equating the dimensional formula on the right-hand side and on the left-hand side, the dimensional equation is obtained. This is proved with the help of the principle of homogeneity.

What is the principle of homogeneity?

The principle states that the dimensions on the left-hand side of an equation must be equal to the dimensions on the right-hand side. Using the principle of homogeneity one can even convert the units from one system to another. Example of the principle of homogeneity is as follows.

Dimensional equation of v = u + at is:
[M0LT-1] = [M0LT-1] + [M0LT-1] * [M0L0T] = [M0LT-1].

What are the uses of dimensional equations?

Following is a list of uses of dimensional equations.

     It is used to check the correctness of the physical quantity.
     It can be used to derive the relation between different physical quantities.
     The dimensions of constants can be found using the dimensional equation.

What are the limitations of dimensional analysis?

Following are the limitations of dimensional analysis.

     There is no information about the quantity being scalar or vector quantity.
     The formula cannot be derived if the quantity depends on more than three factors.
     Dimensional analysis cannot be carried for functions like logarithmic functions, exponential functions, and trigonometric functions.

Interested to learn more about dimensional analysis and other Physics related concepts like wavemotion, types of dc motors, etc, visit BYJU’S.

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Using Social Media Data and Analysis to Create a Story

We talk a lot about social media reporting - and we know we’re not the only ones - but when you pull a social media report, all you’re really doing is collecting a bunch of numbers and organizing them into one place.

Doing this can be useful of course, but without taking the time to analyze the numbers at all or offer up what the numbers mean using any kind of storytelling really isn’t going to do you, or your company, much good. Showing reports and dashboards can be overwhelming if there’s no story to go along with it.

Social Media Data and Analysis

In order for you to figure out what’s happening with the numbers, you’ve got to do a little data storytelling. Stories based on data can be useful tools for stakeholders and customers, because they can help you make better decisions.

Now, we know that this isn’t an easy task. Data storytelling takes practice and we’ve put together some things for you to keep in mind when you’re looking at your next set of numbers:

Best Practices for Data Storytelling 

1] Start with the big picture

Anytime you’re dealing with data, it’s good to start with the high-level data and then drill down, so follow this same method when you’re building your story.

2] Show context

It’s a great practice to keep track of everything when you record your data, such as when you relaunched the website or if the site was down one day, so this way you can offer some factual context and explanation where possible.

3] Highlight the important drivers

What are the factors that affect the numbers in your story? Is it social media? Is it a really great blog post? Are there outside factors that are threatening the numbers? All of this information, and anything directly related to the story you’re trying to tell should be included.

4] Let the data tell the story 

This is probably the most important tip of all. Don’t create a story and then use data to support or deny what you’re saying. Always let the data lead the way.
Whatever you do, do NOT:

  • Manipulate the data or change the scale
  • Cherry pick the data
  • Lie 

Never, we repeat, never do any of the aforementioned! Present honest data and show the entire picture, even if it’s not a favorable one.

Don’t pick and choose the numbers that support your case. And no matter what, never change the numbers or lie about the data. It’s just not going to go well if any of this happens. Keep things honest. Reminder: Always let the data lead.

When you’re looking at all of your numbers and are trying to figure out the story, start with figuring out what question you are trying to answer with this data set.

Is the question, “Why did we experience a significant drop in website traffic on a certain date?” or is it, “What caused a spike in downloadable white papers last month?” Start with this question and then show the data to reach your answer.

Using Social Media Data and Analysis

Data stories explore and explain how and why numbers change over time, usually through three things.

  1. Visualization
  2. Narrative 
  3. Context
Creating some visuals based on the data may help you create your story. These can be charts, graphs, spreadsheets - anything that’s going to add a visual element and make the data sets easier to see and understand. From there, you’ll start to build your narrative using the data and adding any relevant context surrounding it.

Remember that your social media analysis doesn’t have to be complex. If you’re answering a simple question such as, “Why did our website have zero traffic for a 48-hour period?” and you have clearly marked that the server crashed on that day, bam, there’s your story.

Just remember to be real, open, and honest. Make decisions after the data is presented, not before.

One other method you can use to create a data-driven story is the “How we got here” method, which simply walks through the data in chronological order. This method calls for simple analysis and doesn’t leave anything out.

Your first data story may not be glamorous, but offering up some insight is going to help you and your stakeholders better understand what the data is telling you, and from there, you’ll be able to make, informed decisions when it comes to your social media marketing strategy. 
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