Top 10 Companies With Amazing Customer Support In 2018

The fact that the customers can create or end a companies success and fame is taken seriously by some companies, and that facet has ultimately brought them to the stage where they are appreciated by their customers by simply putting them customers first. 

Companies with Exceptional Customer Service

There are a few tech companies who have consistently remained the favorites of their customers because of the service they have provided which we’ve included in the list before.

And here we present to you the list of top 10 companies with amazing customer support.

1] Ritz-Carlton

The brand’s name itself oozes sophistication, and the support team and staff make sure the services match the brand’s fame.

The brand is prominent in prioritizing the guest first and creating an incredibly personalized experience for the customer.

The company’s target is to build a trust-worthy and emotional connection between the guest and employees for the best stay experience possible.

2] BufferApp 

Customers are the primary focus in everything this company does.

The support team of Buffer is known as the “Happiness team” which constantly tries to stay in contact with the customers, answer their questions, address their problems as quickly as possible.

The employees here leave no chance to “wow” the customers.

3] Trader Joe’s

The store ranks top in customer’s satisfaction for grocery stores, as the brand is completely customer-focused from fast checkouts to friendly service.

It tops the brand’s priority list for the customers as it strives to create a personalized experience for every shopper and at every store.

4] Subbly

There’s no doubt about the subscription box industry hovering on the minds of the shopaholics and entrepreneurs alike, but Subbly differs from all other Saas companies in this space out there.

It puts its customers and merchants first and provides them with the quality and quantity they want.
From embedded checkouts to 24/7 customer care service, Subbly aims at easing the intra-shopping and post-shopping experience for merchants and their customers as well.

5] Amazon 

This all-in-all store aims at making the customer’s lives easier than ever in every possible area by free two-day shipping to streaming movies and grocery delivery.

The reimbursement by gift vouchers and free months of prime service in case of any issue or damage satisfies the customers with the service of the brand.

The brand is always innovative and finds new ways to solve the customer’s problems.

Amazing Customer Support

6] Costco 

Costco creates a customer-centered experience for everyone who enters the door.

The store offers bulk discounts, automatically loaded coupons that excite and attracts the customers.

Upon all, it is famed for taking back nearly any return without limit to when it was bought or what state it is in.

The brand takes the customer’s feedback seriously and aims at providing the items they want in the 

7] Zappos 

Making no difference in the year 2018, the brand is consistently at the top of customer experience brands.

The company with its best endeavors goes above and beyond to show its appreciation for its customers.

The employees here are trained especially to follow the model of surprising and delighting the customers by looking for ways to build a connection.

8] Dollar Shave Club 

The subscription industry is always on hype since the introduction.

But there is something more about the grooming in the subscription industry.

And that’s where the Dollar Shave Club stands out of the crowd because of its focus on customers.

With the epic motto of “We don’t respond to situations; we respond to people,” it has trained its employees to engage with the customers and help them in any way possible. 

9] Disney 

This brand got people willing to pay higher prices for its merchandise, shows,and vacations just because of the experience it provides.

The employees here are trained to refer the visitors by name, especially the children.

The brand goes above and beyond to share the magical essence of Disney with the customers to create the uniqueness, no matter how old the customer is.

10] Netflix 

Who doesn’t know this streaming giant?

This most renowned streaming collects a huge amount of data from customers and later this data is used to create hyper-personalized new favorite shows to bestow the audience what they want.

Understanding the customers and putting them first, lets Netflix provide the customers the entertainment they love.
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Pros and Cons Of Call Tracking On Your Mobile

If you’ve ever considered upping the ante for your business efforts, you’ve most likely considered leveraging on mobile in order for your company to grow.

However, did you know that using call tracking alongside a push towards mobile engagement may actually be a good move for your company?

Pros and Cons Of Call Tracking

If you’ve ever wondered how call tracking can impact your push towards mobile, then this article is for you. Below are some pros and cons of call tracking on your mobile.

Perhaps a lot of companies have begun relying on call tracking to learn more about their prospects and their customers.

Given how it takes an average of eight (8) attempts of cold calling to reach prospects, and with 92-percent of all customer interactions happening over the phone, calls have a huge impact on how sales work - and using call tracking to analyze these calls can give you a competitive edge in terms of building better campaigns for your brands. Here are other pros and cons of call tracking you might want to consider:

The Pros: Call Tracking Puts Your Numbers To Perspective

Call tracking is primarily done by assigning specific phone numbers to your specific marketing channels, enabling you to effectively determine which channels are being used by leads by tracking which number has the most calls. This can be used to your advantage:

  • Call tracking puts your numbers to perspective, as it adds another layer to the entire sales process. 92-percent of customer interactions happen through the phone, but it’s not exactly the most documented in the sales process. Call tracking services such as Fone Dynamics give you the opportunity to track exactly what’s happening in this area of the sales process.
  • Call tracking allows you to gauge the efficiency of your customer service and customer satisfaction opportunities, as recording call features allow you to effectively assess the performance of employees and your company in general towards attracting leads and converting them into customers. 
  • Call tracking also allows you to effectively assess the efficiency of your marketing channels and make adequate adjustments that are based on actual statistics. The real-time nature of call tracking allow you to also do this at a moment’s notice, which is a much-needed boost in time in this flexible and rather highly-competitive digital market. 

Call Tracking Puts You At Risk When Used Incorrectly

The Cons: Call Tracking Puts You At Risk When Used Incorrectly

It’s important to remember that call tracking is still essentially a tool that’s supposedly used alongside other analytics tools in order to provide accurate assessments of calls and the sales process. This doesn’t mean call tracking doesn’t have any disadvantages, however:

  • Google’s local search engine optimization (SEO) hugely depends on what is called citations, which are key indicators of your organic search rankings. Basically, these are mentions of business information such as business names, addresses, and numbers anywhere on the internet. The same way keywords are gauged based on consistency and relevance, so too are citations.
  • This means if you’re using a lot of phone numbers for your campaigns, you’re likely diluting the efficacy of your marketing’s “attractive” nature to search engines, which can harm your ranking in search engines in general.
  • Another disadvantage of relying on call tracking is the possibility using call tracking alongside systems that are incompatible with it. This can be a waste of money and time on your end, which can instead be used on focusing on improving other aspects of business.  

The Bottomline: The Potential Of Mobile Call Tracking

Call tracking for mobile phones can provide quite the opportunity for exponential growth in your company, provided you use this tool wisely.

Like any other tools, call tracking can’t bring in profits by itself. Rather, you need to assess the pros and cons call tracking will be able to bring to the table and make a decision as to whether or not you think call tracking can be integrated into your work processes.

Regardless, call tracking as a resource has a lot of potential to give you the edge you need when it comes to understanding your markets because of its ability to track call data and other forms of information from callers.

This article is contributed by John Taylor. He is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.
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The Importance of Physics In Everyday life

Physics is the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them. Most of the physics concepts have a significant impact on our daily life. It describes the transformation of various forms of energy like kinetic to potential energy, heat to mechanical energy, mechanical to electrical energy, etc.

The Importance of  Physics

Physics is even applied to our body. The sensation is carried to our mind through electrical signals that enable us to identify different objects around us. Due to high specific heat property of water, it is utilized as a coolant or as a heating liquid.

Physics has given us valuable inventions like automobiles, bulbs, microwave ovens, LEDs, watches, cell phones, computers, laptops, etc. We cannot imagine life without physics. Here are few important Physics theories that everyone must know about:

The law of Conservation of Momentum: 

The momentum of an object is the product of its mass and velocity. According to this law, the net momentum of all the objects in nature remains same. This law allows us to conclude the effects of collisions between objects.

The net momentum before and after the collision is always same. This concept is utilized to understand the variation in the velocity of each object before and after the collision.

Both Newton's law of motion and law of Conservation of momentum play a crucial role in understanding the collisions between the particles (subatomic) and for estimating the amount of fuel required for generating a forward propulsion in the spaceships.

The Laws of Thermodynamics: 

It is the study of relation between heat and the other forms of energy.  All the automobiles utilize the basic fundamental laws of thermodynamics (2nd law, Carnot Cycle). These laws are also utilized in the study of power plants like thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric power plants.

The Laws of Thermodynamics

Also, power plants running on renewable energy resources like solar, wind, geothermal, water waves, tides, water waves, etc utilize thermodynamic laws for proper functioning. Heat transfer is an important section of thermodynamics that relates the transfer of heat between two or more objects.

There are primarily three modes of transferring heat between objects, namely, convection (In Liquids), conduction (In Solids), and radiation (In Vacuum). These methods of heat transfer are employed in wide range of devices like evaporators, condensers, radiators, coolers, heaters, heat exchangers, etc.

The law of Conservation of Energy: 

According to this law, the energy can neither be produced nor be destroyed; however, the energy can be conveyed from one form to another. The appliances used in kitchen convert electrical energy into thermal and mechanical energy.

The engines in the automobiles convert chemical energy to mechanical and thermal energy. In a thermal or nuclear power plant, the heat, mechanical, or chemical energy is transformed into electrical energy.

Subscribe to our YouTube video channel to learn modern physics and nuclear fusion and fission with engaging video lectures-

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Are You Protected From Cyber Attacks?

Cybercrime is getting to be big business for crooks. They’re finding new ways to rip people off misusing the internet.

It could be through your email, or phishing for your passwords so they can empty your bank account, or worse yet, stealing your identity.

Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. If you want to protect yourself from being open to a cyber-attack, then you need to do a few simple things to make it happen.

In this article, we will show you 4 things you can do to protect yourself from cyber-attacks.

1] Beware of Links In Your Emails

Unless you trust the sender implicitly, you should avoid being quick to click on links in your messages.

You can check the web address in the link by holding your mouse pointer over the link, and in the lower left corner of your window you will see exactly where that link will take you if you click on it.

Another safety net involves going directly to the site in question. For example, if you get a bank notice in the email, and you’re not sure if it’s legitimate, go to your bank’s site directly and verify that the bank actually sent the notice.

Attachments can be a red flag too, if the attachments are actually emails. The only emails you should see are from places you have personally authorized – and they’re not attachments.

2] Guard Your Personal Info

Some hackers are very clever at disguising themselves as a legitimate agent. They ask for sensitive personal info, to use it to commit some fraud against you, such as your credit card number.

They might pretend that their “system went down” and they “need” the info to bring things back in order.

Never give out your personal info, whether on the phone or in your emails, unless you are absolutely sure you’re dealing with someone legitimate. But never make a practice of this, to prevent you from getting caught off guard.

If you suspect the caller, don’t be intimidated. This is your opportunity to take control. You grill them with questions. Ask for their name and call back number.

It won’t take long and they’ll be hanging up without incident. Sometimes asking to speak to their “supervisor” is enough for them to shut it down.

In the case of fraudulent emails, forward them to the FBI. Make sure you send it to the right email. You probably won’t see the hacker’s feeble attempts in your inbox ever again.

3] Make Your Passwords Difficult to Break

You want to remember your password, but don’t make it so easy that a crook can figure it out. Use words or phrases that only you know, and include a combination of symbols and letters, in both upper and lower case. This will help build an impenetrable password that is likely to make even the best hacker to give up.

If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to remember it, there’s a way around that. Practice typing it when you’re not on the internet. The more you type it, the better you’ll recall it.

Also take advantage of the security questions, but choose carefully. For example, it could be easier for hackers to figure out where you went to elementary school, as opposed to the name of your first ever family pet when you were a child. Think in terms of preventing anyone from guessing the answers.

4] Update Your Security Software

If you’re connected to the internet, this should be quite easy. Most software programs enable you to select automatic updating, so you don’t have to do it manually.

Update Your Security Software

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with manually going in and seeing where your settings are, just in case there’s a simple tweak you need to make.

Just be careful not to change settings that need to stay right where they are. Most programs will prompt you, so read anything that pops up if you consider making any changes.


We’ve covered four important things you can do to help protect yourself from cyber-attacks. Beware of email links, guard your personal info, keep your passwords impenetrable and update your security software. For more information about keeping your information and business protected, visit Joshua Spencer.
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Best Backup Practices for Small Business

If you run a small business, losing data can be catastrophic. In fact, studies have shown that "60% of companies that lose their data will close within 6 months of the disaster."

It's a pretty serious statistic, but it makes a lot of sense - after all, even if you could recreate years, if not months, of content, reports, communications, contracts, and more, it's going to take a long time.

Backup Practices for Small Business

Small business backup solutions like the ones below make it easy - and when it's affordable, flexible and easy to use, why take risks?

In order to protect your business's critical data, we've looked at some of the leading small business cloud solution providers, comparing their business plans to find the most versatile, reliable and affordable plans in the marketplace. Keep reading for the full list!

Good Backup solutions for small business

Jungle Disk

Most small businesses most times look out for good value. Jungle disk gives you the value that you need for your businesses.

The monthly plan is affordable for small business and start-up But features like business continuity and active directory backups that you find on other backup software is not available on jungle disk.

Jungle disk also offers server backups and accounting software like QuickBooks is part of the services they offer. Jungle disk monthly plan starts at $4 dollar per month for each user.


ADrive has just release their new mobile application. You now have the ability to download your backup data from any android or apple IOS device. This is a great service for sales team and small business owners.

You can also edit and save files with Zoho technologies. It gives you the ability to upload large files , giving you an ability to upload files of up to 16GG transfer ability.

ADrive gives a room for free trial when you signup as a business account with a starting plan of $7 dollar monthly.


With this backup software, you will get an automatic backup protection that is based  in the cloud with an ability to schedule your backups for each working day. It is a good option for small businesses.

MozyPro for Business

Mozypro synchronize gives you the ability to synchronize data when you are on your way home after work or when you are busy with other things. Mozypro  monthly plans starts at $13.89 for 10GB with option of one year plan or two years plan.


Most of the best developed small business backup services are offered by Acronis, starting from incremental backups to the ability to synchronize data directly from SharePoint, MS Exchange and more.

Backups to Acronis can  be performed from windows and Linux servers, as well as VMware and PC, not just cloud storage, but also network storage and local disk backup.

The data is protected using 256-bit AES encryption, as well as in transfer, and account administrators can create groups and change user permissions. You can also access the Bare Metal disk image to store complete system states.

A three year subscription with a free maintenance service and upgrades will cost you  €979 (about $1084) if you are looking for a server license, or €96  (about $106) if you only cover the workstations.

Alternatively, you can get permanent access to the Acronis software by signing up for a perpetual license, although you will not get upgrades and so on. under the agreement.


Box having Corporate client like GE, Balfour Beatty and Proctor, it's no surprise that Box has been designed for businesses - and we're pleased to announce that it's a good option for small and medium-sized businesses as well. SMEs. global companies.

Box Business subscriptions are offered for €12 (about $13,25) per user per month. They offer unlimited storage and integration with MS Office 365, but you will also need to manage a file size of 5 GB. Box is compatible with Windows, Mac and mobile operating systems, and offers 24-hour customer support.


IDrive gives you  a higher level  backup service for  your small businesses, encompassing the provider's excellent personal backup capabilities - including simple online data storage, and downloads from local and network devices - as well as additional business functionality.

iDrive – Universal Cloud Storage & Backup

For small businesses, you can run backups not only from your' personal computer, but also run backups from MS SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, VMware, Linux and MS SharePoint servers, while enjoying quick and easy data recovery with IDrive.

Express,  gives you the ability  to  send up to 3TB of your files to an encrypted hard drive in less than a week. Administrators has  different backup features such as, activity reports, remote management, and support for compliance procedures for legal, medical, financial, and accounting firm.

Packages begin at 250 GB (plus 25 GB of sync space) for an annual fee of $ 74.62 the first year, rising to $ 99.50 thereafter, and reach a maximum of 12.5 TB (and 12.5 TB) for $ 2249.62 - or $ 2999.50 in your second year.

There are also monthly plans with corresponding prices. Once configured, you'll be able to create an unlimited number of sub-accounts - each with a custom storage quota, the top 10 being free and all others available for a $ 20 annual fee.


CrashPlan has good record overtime as a personal backup provider, and has also expanded overtime and now provide premier cloud storage services to organizations.

In addition to unlimited storage, end-to-end encryption, and automated backups that characterize your personal plans, CrashPlan PRO account holders can manage multiple user accounts, change employee permissions, and view real-time reports.

In addition to this, subscribers will find free updates and updates to CrashPlan PRO on all user accounts, and will not encounter any limitations on the size of files or archives.

Best backup practices for small business - Conclusion

The use of backup solutions for small businesses is essential to ensure the smooth operation of start-up or small-scale businesses, and the vendors described above can certainly count on them to get the job done but instead of using backup you can use cloud based online inventory management solutions like EMERGE App. We hope we have helped you secure your data.
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The Right Mobile App Partner Makes All The Difference

You’re a medium-sized business and you’ve been budgeting for the creation of an exciting new app that’ll provide your users and prospective customers the ability to order your services and products on demand.

Mobile App Partner Makes All The Difference

You’ve estimated that the traction this app will bring you will eventually give you the capabilities to expand. Now imagine you partner with a developer that doesn’t search for the most cost-effective ways to create your app, that doesn’t do enough mitigation of risks or take the time to optimize your app for performance.

This can happen with larger development enterprises that churn their apps out as quickly as possible, or with entrepreneurs that focus on creating something particularly impressive – whether or not it turns out to be functional or necessary.

When Snapchat discovered their new interface was unpopular among their core user base, they were established enough to bounce back from the financial losses, but would you be ready to take on such a burden?

The mobile app developer you partner with can make the experience a breeze or a nightmare, but what’s more is they can also determine whether your business experiences financial success or not.

If this is your business’ first app, it’s advisable you choose a developer that uses a lean process - this will ensure that post-launch, after all the initial excitement is over, your downloads and daily active users don’t drop due to weak user experience.

In a lean process, analysis of your core user base and prospective audience comes first, and no feature is added unless it’s backed by sufficient data. Of course, the way the interface looks is vital as well, but an app that looks good won’t bring in gains if users find it cumbersome or uncomfortable to use.

The key then is finding a developer that has real skill with both UI and UX design, and who can provide evidence for their decisions.

Furthermore, the last thing you want is to feel shut out of the development process, after all it is your business and you know your figures and audience better than anyone.

If yours is a Canadian business or you do a considerable amount of business in Canada, you’ll naturally want to partner with a leading mobile app developer in Canada - and you’ll also want a developer that democratizes the process a bit and uses you as a springboard for their ideas.

GuaranĂ¡ Technologies based in Montreal and Toronto takes an informed path when designing all their apps and makes collaborating with their clients a priority.

They wererecently named a Top Application Development Agency in Canada for 2017 by and CrowdReviews, revered for taking an app idea from ideation, through to design, development and launch - providing clients with a one-stop-shop for anything from basic consultation to highly specialize AR and VR design.

New Mobile App Development Partner

Ensure the development agency creating your new application is going to provide you with a product that’ll boost your business rather than hinder its growth or create losses for your company.

The point of having an app is to remain relevant and connect with your customer and client-base instantly; it defeats the purpose if your app isn’t designed in a way that entices users.
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