Fix “The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden” Issue in olw

Recently Microsoft accepted that it can not udpate Windows live Writer and accounced it as an open source software and now you can download the all new version of Windows Live Writer as Open Live Writer from here.

As soon the it was announced as open source the version released is 0.5 and has removed and added some features to make it Open live writer from Windows. You see a glimp in this image :-open live writer

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Soon from the launch Open Live Writer is giving a authentification error to blogger users and it was fixed later. To fix this issue you will have to follow this post.

How to fix “The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden” Issue in Open Live Writer

This is a minor issue and can be easily fixed by updating your account information. If you wanna go in detail, it’s because Open Live Writer is not able to remeber password saved in wizard mode.

  • To fix this go to File > Tools > Accounts
    open live writer 2
  • Choose your blog name and click on Update account information option.
  • Enter your password there and check “Remember my password”.
  • Save everything and it will update your preferance.

Now you can easily publish article to your draft or directly to blog from Open Live Writer. If you are still having any issue then let us know through comments.

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