How to Extract Zip File Within Google Drive

Recently I came across a few zip file and wanted them to extract within my Google Drive, for downloading individual files from them instead of downloading the whole Zip archive. This created a need and I started looking into drive apps which provides almost huge varity to do things direct from your Google Drive.
So I finally found a few slow but good solution for saving my bandwidth and extracting zip file in Google Drive.

How to Extract Zip file within Google Drive

Look the drop down menus
  • First of all Open your Google Drive and go to "New" and click on "Connect More App" option.
  • Now Type Zip in search bar and choose Zip, UnZip app from the list.
  • Now select the zip file and open it.
  • You will need to authorize the app for the first time. This will download your files and save it on their server, if file is bigger it may take a little time (In my case it was 2 GB, actually I was download Remix OS but I had to download just one file from the zipped version).
  • See the progress in upper left
  • Once file is downloaded you can proceed by selecting the file and click on download.
I am also thinking to make videos for these kind of tutorials, if you think you can help with it let me know through Facebook.

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