Best Free Download Manager for Windows

If you are not much familiar with Download Manager application and never used one then you will love download manager application on your Windows computer, laptop. Now everyone is heading for an app for everything but on Windows you can try all in one apps or let things can be done by default application and softwares. There are many apps which can help you to accelerate and download files accurately for free and I seriously think paying for a download manager is not fair because you can use browsers' inbuilt download manager too.

What is Download Manager

Download manager is a standalone program that works to download files and provides accuracy along with throttling bandwidth to complete download in full speed. Download Managers have two types, there are download manager which shares file (Peer to Peer) and one to manage and download files from any server (Normal Download Managers). There are many software publishers that provides their own Download Manager to it's users to let them download their paid or free software. You can use normal Download Managers to manager, download and do little extra things with your downloads. There are many free download manager applications are available at various places and I have tried to list best 5 free download manager.

Best Free Download Manager

These download managers are ordered by keeping ease of use in mind and it goes from 5 to 1, if you think I have made a mistake then go ahead and let me know in comments.

DAP (Download Accelerator Plus)

Download Accelerator Plus offer two of its download manager's version, one is free to use with an little adware to show you ads and support then and paid version. DAP uses multipart download method to accelerate download and provide more efficient download of a file. DAP easily integrate with all browsers but eats little extra memory in monitoring link clicks. DAP has lot's of cool features which help you to make downloading files easy, some features of DAP can not be ignored like - Auto Mirror founder, Video accelerator and download with converter.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is one of the best software that I have been using from ages, well it was actually released in 2004 as a open source software and it has almost everything you need, including Torrent support, althrough managing torrent's downloading and uploading speed can not be managed in this download manager like other torrent clients. It has it's forum support and a blog to communicate with it's users.

Get Go Download Manager

It's a product of Get Go Softs, it provides all needful feature that are in FDM and DAP. Get Go download manager features an inbuilt web view video download that detects and download videos within download manager and it works fine for YouTube, GenVideos and many other video streaming websites.
Free download manager

Orbit Downloader

Orbit download is most popular competitor of  Internet Download Manager (30 day trail then you have to pay), Orbit downloader features get it button within your browser to download videos and has most important features along with like resuming, stopping, scheduling and turning off computer after download. There are too much room for improvement in this downloader and it can become best free download manager.

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