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Microsoft office a great office tool that powers almost 60% of office users in the world, all office products are excellent and meets the requirement of all business and publishing companies but it’s not free, and that creates a need for free “MicroSoft Office alternatives” and here I tried to sum a few.

Free Office (Possible alternative for most of the MS Office Product)

The Free Office can be a very close alternative to MS Office products. Free office features following products:-
  • Text Maker: - Text Maker is Microsoft Word Alternative.
  • Plan Maker: - Plan maker features all things of MS Excel
  • Presentations: - Presentation includes all feature of MS Powerpoint.
You can download and install free office from following link:-
You can also install Free Office on a USB and use it on any machine with same operating system. Along with all these, it does not provide an exact replacement for Microsoft access, One Note and Visio.

Google Drive’s office tools ( Better than MS Office)

A Google product fan have probably know about Google Doc, sheet, slides and form, and it’s a complete replacement of all MS office products. Google offer following Office products:-
  • Google Doc ( Perfect replacement for MS Word and PowerPoint)
  • Google Sheet ( Replacement for MS Excel)
  • Google Draw ( Replacement for Visio and PowerPoint)
  • Google Fusion ( Replacement for Access)
Google office products can be used on all platforms as well, and you can give it a try online in Google Drive, it provides you cloud flexibility and runs offline smoothly with Google Chrome with offline extension.
You can learn more here
But in case if you are not a fan of Google Docs and not ready to get familiar with Google Drive and new layout then you should probably use Free Office, Libra Office or Open Office.

Libra Office Suite

Libra Office is a free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office products with 100% match including layouts and all product list. Libra office is also available for Android. This Office suite also includes following products:-
  • Writer (Similar to Word)
  • Calc (Replacement for MS Excel)
  • Impress (Alternative for PowerPoint)
  • Draw (Alternative for MS Visio)
  • Math
  • Base (Replacement for MS Access)
I have a few friends who love Libra office, and they are using it as an alternative for MS Office suite instead of purchasing of using patched software.

Open Office

Open Office is a discontinued MS Office competitor, but now Libra office has taken its place. Libra Office is a successive version of Open Office with clean codes.
It was purchased by Sun Oracle in 1999 and later published as open source then Oracle donated it to Apache foundation and then it was named Apache Open Office.
As you can see their website has been not updated since 2015, and they are not in a mood to updating it. But Open Office can still be downloaded from their website.
Check it out:-

Zoho Docs

Zoho is a complete alternative for regular office users. Zoho has perfect replacements for MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint naming them Writer, Sheet and Show. It is a cross-platform alternative to MS Office products, and you can use it free for 25 users with enough free space to store your works in clouds. One more thing that makes this one worth using is instant messaging with group members within the software.
There are more MS Office alternatives are available like Neo Office, Polaris Office and Ashampoo Office, if above listed products don’t suites you then you can give try to these.
For any Microsoft Office Support, Queries Please visits Microsoft Live Support

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