How to Assign a Website Local Domain Name

Many of us have habits of opening a few websites many times a day, some people visit Facebook or YouTube 10 times a day. This tip of assigning a local domain name to any website can be very useful for them. How ?
Well, instead of typing Facebook you can open it just by typing f or whatever word you wanna use. This can be interesting for some geeks out there. I found a method of creating short domain names for a few website and web pages very helpful, so I don't have to remember full URLs of by university's exam booking and result portals.
First of all, you need to know about Windows host file and then you can learn about editing Windows host file, it's very easy and can be useful in many different ways like blocking, redirecting websites.

Using Windows Host File Assing Short Domain Name to a Website

  1. Open file explorer and type following path in Navigation bar
    Windows Host File Path
  2. Now right click on host file and choose edit from right click menu. You must have logged in as admin.
  3. Now add IP address of the website followed by your desire local domain, for example :- m
    Now when I will type m on the address bar it will open You can find IP address of a website by pinging website on command prompt.

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