How to Block Unwanted Connections Using Windows Host File

Windows Host file is used to define local domain data so that your Computer don't have to ping DNS server and it is used to redirecting, mapping, assigning local domain name and blocking unwanted websites as well. Blocking sites are very secure with host file; you just need to redirect it to localhost (you can find the link below this post about blocking websites). Many adblockers are popular on the Internet but instead of using ad block on your browser, you can use their Host settings to blocking unwanted ads.
Why is Blocking Unwanted Connection Good?
Everyone hates too much ads popping from a web page. There are many fishy ads, and annoying ads expect Adsense, Infolinks, and some other good ad publishers. So instead of being annoyed by shitty ads you can use adblock host file to avoid them all.

How to Block Unwanted Connection With Windows Host File

  • First of all find and open Windows Host file, this post can help you here.
  • Now get this host.txt file and copy paste it's data on your host file.
  • Once you are done then save the host file as it is and try loading webpages to see results.
You can also add more entries in your host file for blocking ads from oneclickads, popupbligz etc.

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