5 Must Have Windows 10 Apps

If you are a new Windows 10 users or haven’t yet started using Windows 10 apps since Windows 8 era then I am sure you are missing out lots of fun. There are many apps that you might want to use on your Windows 10 Laptop or Desktop. Beside all default apps I wanted to use similar apps with my Android phone so installing cross platform apps made my app experience different. This must have Windows 10 apps list does not have any popular apps that you use in day to day life like Facebook, Flipboard etc.
Microsoft has acquired Wunder list recently, a to-do and reminder app which let you sync you all notes and info across all devices. Wunderlist is a simple all platform to-do list creator but it can sync with your calendar app and most importantly you can use it on any platform.
Music Make Jam
Music Maker jam is a relaxations sometimes in between your heavy work load. you can use this app to modify and recreate music from any songs or tracks. You can also make your own music with help of this app.image
Wattpad : Free Books and Stories
Wattpad is a free store for books and stories but it let you write your own and publish it among a great helpful community which can read and review your stories. You can also read other’s stories for free. Wattpad is a great tool for writers.
Readit is customized Reddit app for Windows and works great on desktop. Instead of just jacking it embed open links within apps. imgur, videos and other medias open within the app. Pining sub-reddit, customizable theme works well and makes it a must have app for Reddit app for reddit lovers.
Reader digest
Reader Digest is a light weight reading app and works like charm on Windows laptop and touch devices.
If you like procurator content it is a great app which let you read awesome content on daily basis.Screenshot: home page

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