How to change Wi-Fi Name and Password

This blog post is beginner's guide to Wireless connection name and password. If you have never used a broadband connection before then changing the password of your Wi-Fi might be not easy as it is. Once you get familiar with router settings, you can change the Wi-Fi password and Wireless network name quickly. Before getting started you need to figure router’s default IP address to access the configuration, username and password for login to routers setting. This information is in user manually and bottom of the router. Most common IP address for router’s setting is, and it can be changed to add extra layer of security so that no one can guess your router’s IP address and standard login username & password is “admin.” This information may vary according to your router’s company. I am assuming all settings same as mentioned above. So let's get started with step by step tutorial. After changing wireless network name or password, you can reconnect renamed wireless conecction or if you have changed your password, forget the network and connect it again.

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Steps for Changing Wi-Fi Password and SSID

First of all look at the bottom of your router directly to find out router’s setting IP address, username, and password. Once you found the details follow these steps:-

  • Open setting page by entering router’s IP address in your browser ( Use Ipconfig in command prompt for retrieving router IP address if you have already connected to your Wi-Fi)how to change my wifi password
  • Navigate to Wireless section (this option also depends on your router’s brand)
  • Put the desired name in SSID field to change Wireless network name.
  • To “change Wi-Fi password” change security mode to WPA2-PSK.
  • Enter desire Wi-Fi password in security key.change wifi password
After saving the configurations, you can reconnect with the new password or changed SSID from your Wi-Fi settings. You can change router's web interface setting from any browser and device.
If you are setting up the router for the first time, a unique security code printed on the back of the router will be asked. After connecting you can use "Quick Wizard" and set up a name for wireless connecting and password after filling up broadband details.

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