How to find connected devices to a Wireless network

There are lots of tools to help you manage your Wireless network in many different aspects. A Wireless router itself shows information about connected device's Mac address in its setting page. There are multiples types of Wireless network, and wireless local area networks are most common in households, small business and campus. If you are a regular Internet user and use a wireless network at your home or workspace then sometimes you may have noticed low speed even after high-speed Internet plan. It could be because of someone is stealing your Wi-Fi connection without your concern, and this is known as Piggybacking. It can easily get you in trouble, and this is why you should secure your Wireless network.
But what if you have already protected your password, and someone has managed to connect to your Wi-Fi?
Well, There is a solution for that, you can monitor connected devices from your router's setting or use third party address to keep an eye on connected devices. Using a third party software is not recommended by me because they don't worth that much time until you face this issue on a regular basis.

Find Who is Connected to your Wireless Network

I am assuming that you already know your router's IP address and have access to settings.

  • Now go to router's setting page and log in with your username and password.
  • Navigate to "Wireless Network Setting".
  • Find out an option named "Wireless Connection Status".
These options depend on your router's brand, for D-link, you can directly navigate to wireless section, and then Mac chooses Mac option. This page will contain mac addresses of connected devices, and you can find out your device mac address but if you have any issue better to use tools to find who is connected to your Wi-Fi.

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