How to Convert Microsoft Office Excel Files to Google Sheets File Format

Microsoft Office users who recently switched to Google Drive might be facing issue while opening Excel files in their Drive's default file manager. Sometimes standard Excel files do not get an option to open with Google Sheet, but there is a small solution for that. To avoid this issue forever, you can choose to convert all files to Google doc apps' file format, and when you download them back, you can export them in a regular file format supported by all office products.
Google drive can easily convert Excel workbook to a Google spreadsheet. It can let you access the file online anywhere and share it with anyone. This method is useful while working with multiple teammates on the same file. Each one can see the revisions of the file and access the file on cross platform devices.

How to convert Microsoft Office file to Google Sheet files

  • Go to your Google Drive account.
  • Now click on setting gear icon and choose “Setting”.convert ms excel file to google sheet
  • In front of Convert uploads tick the Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format option.convert ms excel file to google sheet 2
  • Click on done.
Now all excel files will be converted to Google sheet file format and file will be converted to xls file while downloading or exporting from Google Sheet. You can also try to open all doc with a different method without converting them.

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