How to get Google Chrome Standalone installer

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We are addicted to Google Chrome, and I can not imagine surfing Internet without Google Chrome. Sometimes we get into trouble and have to deal with new machines with slow Internet connection, or you are stuck somewhere and just need a compact offline version for any software. This article will guide you to download Google Chrome's Offline Installer. Google lets you download a small installer which allows you to download the whole program and install it with an Internet connection but you can download a standalone installer (complete offline installation file) to install it without consuming data again and again without much data consumption.

Standalone Installer for Google Chrome

There are lots of external websites providing offline installer but they can be spamming, and you will end up installing modified version of Google Chrome. Lots of spammers and hacker create their version of Google Chrome and distribute it to make revenue using Google's custom browser and ad injectors. A Modified version of Chrome contains adware which injects custom ads from any third part to Google search result pages and other website pages you visit. So beware and use only official links to download Google Chrome browser's installer and standalone setup file.
Here is a link for getting the standalone installer (Setup file to install Google Chrome offline) and it works for all operating systems. Below is a direct link for downloading the latest version of offline installer directly.

Google's Official Link for Standalone installer

If you have downloaded Chrome's offline installer from any third party source then immediately uninstall the program, Browsers like Torch uses Chromium to create own version of Chrome browser which gives the complete feel of original Chrome but contains adware to inject ads and harmful extensions as well. Incase if you are concered about your privacy very much then you can try UnGoogled version of Google Chrome and it is a safe option, all codes can be seen on github.

We have more tips on Google Chrome, You may like to take a look at :-

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