Google Chrome without Google

I can not imagine my day without using any of Google's product and Google Chrome is a most used program in my computer, recently one developer has to rebuild Chrome without any Google service support. Yes! A Chrome browser without Google, your browser will not communicate with Google products and services at all. You can choose to use Google service normally or totally get rid of them.
A Google-free version of Chrome is built on open source Chromium and of course, this browser is packed with all feature of the latest version of Google Chrome browser and promising interface, performance is there. This browser is being called UnGoogled. There is no difference but by default your privacy is more important.

Here are some of the feature of UnGoogled Browser:-

  • Remove or disable all services featured in Google Chrome browser which communicates with Google whether you are logged in or not.
  • Open Source.
  • Add and Modify features to control your privacy with complete transparency.
  • Enjoy your privacy.
Here is a small video from the developer explaining about UnGoogled :-

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