How to Change File Extensions in Bulk with Command Prompt

It is very easy to rename files in bulk into another extension; recently I was working with some corrupted images, and I decided to change the file format of all photos at once. Sometimes you may need to modify the file extension of lots of files at once, and it can be easily done without any issue using the command prompt. You can also use third-party tools to change file extension or entirely change data type with converts if you are dealing with audio, video or image files. This post will guide you how you can change extensions of files in bulk with the help of batch file script.
We can rename files one by one or use some convert for example Format Factory or another sort of paid converters but sometimes you may need to deal with files with no extension or just want to change the file extension to a compatible file format. It can be easily done with a simple batch script.
change file extension in bulk with batch script

How to Change File Extensions in Bulk with Batch Script

  • Open Notepad
  • Type following command:-
rename *.shn *.wav

  • Save the file with .bat file extension in the directory with all other files.
  • Run the script to change the file extensions of all files in a directory.
You can replace according to your need.

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