Recording Skype Video Calls with Movavi Screen Recorder

Placing and receiving video calls with Skype is easy and convenient – which is why it is such a popular platform. However for all its advantages there is one thing missing from Skype: The ability to save video calls.

Movavi Screen Recorder

If you use Skype to carry out business meetings that you’d like to be able to refer to later, or if you want to preserve special memories of talking to your loved ones – you’ll need to look for alternative methods. In particular, you should try using Movavi Screen Recorder to essentially ‘record’ your Skype video calls from your screen.

At first using Movavi Screen Recorder to record Skype video calls may not sound very easy, but it actually is. In fact it is safe to say that once you know how to set it up – you will be able to do so in a minute or so.

All you need to do to get started is open Skype and launch Movavi Screen Recorder then click on the Skype window to select it. If you want you could manually draw a frame over the area you want to record using your mouse cursor, but clicking a window is sufficient to define it as the capture area.

Next you should look at Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface and make sure both the ‘System Audio’ and ‘Microphone’ icons are highlighted. If you’d like to toggle either you can just click on them.

Once that is done you should be all set and ready to start recording, and you can press ‘REC’ to get it underway then place the Skype video call. At any time you can click ‘Cancel’ or ‘Pause’, or when the video call is complete you can click ‘Stop’ so that Movavi Screen Recorder stops recording and immediately saves the video as an MKV file.

After the recording has been stopped, Movavi Screen Recorder will open up a window so you can review it. In that window you’ll also be able to split it into segments to isolate and remove any unwanted parts.

In order to split the video, just move the marker to the point where you want to split it and click on the ‘Split’ (i.e. scissors) icon, and repeat it if necessary to isolate the segment you want to remove. Once isolated, click on the segment to select it then click on the ‘trash can’ icon to delete it.

If you’ve made any changes to your video or just want to save it in a different format, click ‘Save As’ and choose one of the formats that is listed then click ‘Save’ to save it.

Although that is all you need to do you should remember that there are other features in Movavi Screen Recorder that will let you set the frame rate, adjust volume levels, capture keyboard and mouse actions or even automate the recording. In short if you’d like to customize the recording further – all the tools are right there for you to do so.

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