Top 10 Companies With Amazing Customer Support In 2018

The fact that the customers can create or end a companies success and fame is taken seriously by some companies, and that facet has ultimately brought them to the stage where they are appreciated by their customers by simply putting them customers first. 

Companies with Exceptional Customer Service

There are a few tech companies who have consistently remained the favorites of their customers because of the service they have provided which we’ve included in the list before.

And here we present to you the list of top 10 companies with amazing customer support.

1] Ritz-Carlton

The brand’s name itself oozes sophistication, and the support team and staff make sure the services match the brand’s fame.

The brand is prominent in prioritizing the guest first and creating an incredibly personalized experience for the customer.

The company’s target is to build a trust-worthy and emotional connection between the guest and employees for the best stay experience possible.

2] BufferApp 

Customers are the primary focus in everything this company does.

The support team of Buffer is known as the “Happiness team” which constantly tries to stay in contact with the customers, answer their questions, address their problems as quickly as possible.

The employees here leave no chance to “wow” the customers.

3] Trader Joe’s

The store ranks top in customer’s satisfaction for grocery stores, as the brand is completely customer-focused from fast checkouts to friendly service.

It tops the brand’s priority list for the customers as it strives to create a personalized experience for every shopper and at every store.

4] Subbly

There’s no doubt about the subscription box industry hovering on the minds of the shopaholics and entrepreneurs alike, but Subbly differs from all other Saas companies in this space out there.

It puts its customers and merchants first and provides them with the quality and quantity they want.
From embedded checkouts to 24/7 customer care service, Subbly aims at easing the intra-shopping and post-shopping experience for merchants and their customers as well.

5] Amazon 

This all-in-all store aims at making the customer’s lives easier than ever in every possible area by free two-day shipping to streaming movies and grocery delivery.

The reimbursement by gift vouchers and free months of prime service in case of any issue or damage satisfies the customers with the service of the brand.

The brand is always innovative and finds new ways to solve the customer’s problems.

Amazing Customer Support

6] Costco 

Costco creates a customer-centered experience for everyone who enters the door.

The store offers bulk discounts, automatically loaded coupons that excite and attracts the customers.

Upon all, it is famed for taking back nearly any return without limit to when it was bought or what state it is in.

The brand takes the customer’s feedback seriously and aims at providing the items they want in the 

7] Zappos 

Making no difference in the year 2018, the brand is consistently at the top of customer experience brands.

The company with its best endeavors goes above and beyond to show its appreciation for its customers.

The employees here are trained especially to follow the model of surprising and delighting the customers by looking for ways to build a connection.

8] Dollar Shave Club 

The subscription industry is always on hype since the introduction.

But there is something more about the grooming in the subscription industry.

And that’s where the Dollar Shave Club stands out of the crowd because of its focus on customers.

With the epic motto of “We don’t respond to situations; we respond to people,” it has trained its employees to engage with the customers and help them in any way possible. 

9] Disney 

This brand got people willing to pay higher prices for its merchandise, shows,and vacations just because of the experience it provides.

The employees here are trained to refer the visitors by name, especially the children.

The brand goes above and beyond to share the magical essence of Disney with the customers to create the uniqueness, no matter how old the customer is.

10] Netflix 

Who doesn’t know this streaming giant?

This most renowned streaming collects a huge amount of data from customers and later this data is used to create hyper-personalized new favorite shows to bestow the audience what they want.

Understanding the customers and putting them first, lets Netflix provide the customers the entertainment they love.

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