The Best Mobile Apps for Online Trading

Since US Securities and Exchange Commission approved online trading for binary options, millions of beginners and professional investors have flocked towards it. 

The growing hype around online trading has gained a lot of attention across the globe which has resulted in an increase of online trading platforms available for investors. 

Best Mobile Apps for Online Trading

Following are some advantages why one should consider online trading via suitable mobile trading applications:

Benefits of Online Trading via Mobile Apps 

1] Security:

Most mobile trading apps which are available for people’s usage have built-in security features that make it hack-proof and safe. Considering the vulnerable nature of online trading, leading trading platforms have developed encrypted firewall to protect the user’s information and transaction details. 

2] Variety of Tradeable Assets:

Some of the leading and most-used mobile trading apps allow their users to trade with an array of different tradable assets. For example, binary options, commodity, cryptocurrencies, stock, CFDs etc. 

It should be noted that only some licensed brokers can provide traders and investors alike to trade and acquire profitable returns by trading all the tradable instruments.  

3] Easy Bonuses and Returns:

It becomes easier and far more convenient for mobile traders to collect their bonuses and profit returns at the end of trade via their app. Experienced investors know that the first sign of trouble is when a certain trading platform overstates the average return. In order to steer clear of such dubious brokers, traders should gather more information regarding regulated and trustworthy mobile trading apps. 

4] Easy to Use:

Nowadays any trader doesn’t have to sit for hours next to their computer to secure trade/transaction. 

The most popular mobile trading applications are by IQ Option that comes with easy navigational and operational tools which makes online trading effortless for beginners as well as veteran traders. Some apps even let traders handle multiple accounts simultaneously with ease. 

Available for All Operating Systems.

The best thing about mobile trading apps allowing online trades is that these are developed to support two of the most used operating systems in the world namely, Android and iOS. 

On the other hand, there are numerous investors interested in online trade are now able to utilise apps like IQ Option, eToro, BDSwiss, CMC Markets etc. 

How does Online Trading Works Through Mobiles? 

  • A long time ago, top-notch mobile phones such as iPhones and Blackberry were only used to monitor the performance of stocks. But now it is possible to even trade via online trading platforms on your mobile phone with the help of simple applications. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to start mobile trading via mobiles. 
  • The first thing that comes with online trading is to choose anonline broker that has its own mobile application allowing trades and collecting returns. One must make sure that the chosen trading app is authentic, easy-to-use, easy-to-install, free from malware, supports the mobile phone’s OS and does not allocate a lot of space in your phone. 
  • After choosing the mobile application you need to download it either directly from the official site like IQ Option whose APK can be easily downloaded from their website As mobile trading is slowly gaining momentum, the number of scams and risks is also spreading at an exponential rate.  
  • After installing the chosen mobile trading app, users may either register or sign up at the trading platform. The registering option is for new users or beginner-level traders who do not have a pre-existent account on the trading platform that they have opted for.  

As countless transactions are held online each second, some technical issues are bound to happen which can be countered by opting for a safe, functional and responsive mobile trading platform such as the following; 

  1. IQ Option 
  2. BDSwiss 
  3. CM Trading
  4. EToro 
  5. 24Option

Among all the above-mentioned famous online trading platforms, IQ Option is an established broker that provides binary options trading for users based in non-European countries. 

Distinguishing Features of IQ Option 

Licensed & Regulated 

IQ Option which is registered in Cyprus by the name of IQ Option Europe Ltd is lawfully regulated by CySEC. 

This committee is responsible for protecting investors and traders from fraudulent trading platforms and most notorious Ponzi schemes circulating across different online trading platforms. Brokers which are regulated by CySEC are directly held accounted for mitigating risks. 

Tradable Instruments:

Being a noteworthy and licensed online broker, IQ Options offers a set of tradable instruments such 

  • Forex pairs 
  • Stocks  
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Commodities 
  • And also, digital options on some currency pairs. 

IQ Options is also known for supporting OTC binary and digital options over the weekends for interested traders. 

User-friendly Trading Platform:

User-friendly Trading Platform

IQ Option’s cutting-edge online trading platform is accessible from personal computers (web version) and even through mobile phones (application). The platform supports the most prevalently used operating systems on mobile devices such as Android and iPhone.  

Types of Accounts Available:

It offers a safe-to-use free demo account for first-time users which is fully functional. Meaning, the demo account has all the features of a full-fledged registered live account but has no risks attached to it. 

Beginner level traders use it for trading practice and then switch to live trades with a minimum deposit of $10 to gain maximum profits. 

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