What is HTML iFrame and How to Create it?

If you are recently into learning HyperText Markup Language or HTML coding, you may have come across the term "HTML iFrame" a couple of times. The iFrame element used in HTML coding is a very useful and if you are new to the same and would like to know about what actually is this iFrame element in HTML language and how useful can it be to you as a programmer, then below is a detailed article on the same.

Going by the definition, what the iFrame does in HTML is that it creates an inline frame, hence shortly termed as iFrame, and this iFrame element helps you to add an independent document of HTML format within the current HTML document.

Now you may be confused between the <iframe> and elements as both seems kind of similar. Both of these elements actually represents independent HTML format documents, however, using the <iframe> element makes much more sense than the element as the contents placed inside the <iframe> element is always displayed within the current document, rather than using the <html> element and displaying the content in a separate section at some other part of the webpage.

Some of the most common uses of the <iframe> element includes while embedding media such as:
  • third party documents.
  • your own documents.
  • examples of codes.
  • forms of payments.
and much more.

So to sum it up, you can use the <iframe> element when you need to attach any kind of independent HTML document that already is existing, to your present document file. However, if you are building an independent HTML file from scratch, then the <iframe> element is not the best way to attach those HTML files to your current document.

If you are a beginner in HTML programming and if you are facing difficulty in creating an HTML iFrame for yourself, then there are many online sites that lets you generate HTML iFrame codes. However, most of these, as expected, comes at a premium and will charge you a sum of money in creating your own HTML iFrame code.

Instead, if you are interested in using a free tool that can let you create your own customized iFrame code without any errors or issues, www.iframecodegenerator.com is the best place for all your needs.

iFrameCodeGenerator.com helps you in creating your own customized iFrame code by giving all the dimensions and requirements that you have, as input to the tool. For the budding web designers out there, you can also have a preview of the iFrame that you customly created, before actually generating the code of your custom iFrame, so that in case you need to make any more additional customizations you can do it before generating the code itself.

If you are interested in knowing in detail on how you can create an iFrame code using the above tool, then below is the steps required to create a custom iFrame for free using iFrame Generator.

How to create iFrame Codes for Free using iFrame Generator?

  • First of all, log on to www.iframecodegenerator.com from your web browser.
  • Once the website loads, you will be presented with a list of customization options for your iFrame such as its name, width, height, border size and color, margin width and height etc.
  • After you have given all the necessary requirements to create your own custom iFrame, you can click on the "Preview" button to view a live demo of the iFrame that you just created.
  • If you are satisfied with the live demo, then you can click on the "Generate" button to get the code of the iFrame that you just created.
  • Copy the iFrame code that is displayed in the box below the "Generate" button and you are good to use it in your HTML code wherever required.

And that's it.

I hope you found this article on what is an iFrame element in HTML, where do we use iFrame element in HTML and how to easily create an iFrame for free helpful. Do share this article on your social media accounts.
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Best smartphones under $900

Check out some of the latest smartphones under $900 given below. These are some of the most attractive smartphones under 900 US $. For those of you who are not holding back on your budget will simply love the following list of smartphones under $900. All of these smartphones under 900 dollars have really great resolution for camera freaks and collectively make a great with not such bad prices. The essential features are listed with the devices so that there is no confusion while picking up a handset from the following list of smartphones under $900. A range of Apple devices is given in the following list of smartphones under $900. So don’t wait and select the device that you find best from the bellow given list of smartphones under $900.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB Smartphone (Silver)


The Apple iPhone 6 Plus device is powered by Apple A8 chip with 64-bit architecture with M8 motion co-processor and runs on its own iOS version 8. It has 16 GB internal memory space and comes with 8 megapixels rear facing cameras. It also has a front facing camera of 1.2 megapixels. The cost of this device is $609.99.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB Smartphone (Gold)

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone is boosted by a 1.4 GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based) Apple A8 Dual core processor and runs on iOS version 8. It comes with a rear facing camera of 8 megapixels and also has a front facing camera of 1.2 megapixels. It has 64 GB internal memory space and 1 GB RAM memory is also associated with it. The cost of this device is around $799.95

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925F Smartphone white pearl

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edgewhite pearl device is boosted by a Exynos 742 Octa core processor (Quad core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 and Qua core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 )and runs on Android OS version 5.0.2 Lollipop. It has a rear facing camera of 16 megapixels and also has a front facing camera of 5 megapixels. This device also has internal memory space of 32 GB. This device costs around $836.94 after a discount of 18%. The list price of this device is $513.14.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge N915S Smartphone

This Samsung Galaxy Note Edge N915S Smartphone is boosted by a 2.7 GHz Krait 450 Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Quad core processor and runs on Android OS version 4.4 KitKat. It has a built-in memory space of 32 GB. It comes with a rear facing camera of 16 megapixels and a front facing camera of 3.7 megapixels. The price of this Samsung device is around $848.00.

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Best Prisma App Alternatives for Android

When we talk about photo editing apps we rush to app store to find out the best utility app to turn our regular boring photo to something close to piece of great art. There is one app which is making a noise on social networking sites. Downloaded by thousands of users worldwide.

Prisma App for Android

You would know that if your not living in a cave. Yes, I’m talking about prisma which can turn your boring photo to awesome cool art. Prisma has very cool features which give a special touch to your photos making them look like a professional artwork. This app is inspired by some of the legends like Picasso, Piet Mondrian , Van Gogh & Levitan.

How does it work? It's simple, you can take a photo or select one from gallery, and then use filters option to add an effect to your photo. It uses modern artificial technology to understand what kind of picture they are dealing with then turn it in to something awesome.

You can crop, live preview it before saving it. Not only that you can play around using different filters. Also, there are many other photo editing apps available on google play store and today here we gonna talk about the best prisma photo editing app alternatives for android.

Best Prisma App Alternatives for Android


Picsart is most popular photo editing app when it comes range of variety of effects which transforms your boring photo to something special. It has rise to fame and is appreciated by millions of people with currently over 100 millions app installation on play store right now.

It offers several advanced features like prisma app from brushes, stickers, clipart graphics, collage maker, text tools, and picture enhancement tools, callouts, painting & drawing tools.

Not only you can use this app as your personal photo enhancement tool , Picsart has their own artistic community to share your edited images to its network. You can find tons of other users photos, which is cool. Picsart is available in both iOS and android version, which makes it easier for you even if you are iOS user or Android user.

Android | iOS

2. Pixlr Express

Pixlr is famous for its automatically adjust the photo color, contrast , brightness and many more in just single click. Pixlr is a free app developed by Autodesk Inc.

It has several powerful photo enhancement features like prisma app. It has some interesting features like whiten teethes , removes red eye, re-size, sketch, crop, water color, poster and pencil.

This is one free powerful photo editing app which can even perform actions like create a collage, auto-fix image in just one tap, focal blur and many more.

Pixlr express supports both android and iOS operating system. Not only that Pixlr express is even available on Google chrome as an extension. It helps you to quickly edit picture, now you can perform your unique editing skill other than just editing photos on your smart-phone.

Android | iOS

3. Photo Lab

Photo lab is another photo editing app which has prisma app like features of Art-work-effects. It does come with plenty of photo editing features that one look for. It is good at enhancing pictures depends on the quality of your images.

It has some interesting features like photo frames, Realistic photo effects, pointillism drawing, face photo montages, antique oil painting, filters, charcoal drawing, collages, pen and ink, painting and plumbago etc

Photo lab comes with two variants of “free & pro version”, where you can unlock few more powerful features for just $3. When compared to prisma photo lab does lack few things to live up to prisma expectations. This is cool app to play around to being out the Picasso in you.

If you are a user of both android and iPhone user then this app is for you as it is available on both version. You don't compromise on quality or size. Now you can freely edit your pictures without concerned about compatibility.

Android | iOS

4. SuperPhoto

We know that you want an app which is close to prisma ,in terms of effects & quality. Superphoto is something you should definitely try. When an app is being introduced, every one looks in to the reason why they should go for it at the first place.

I mentioned prisma app before, this is a prisma like app which has several features which can fulfill your requirements. Not only it is easy to use. It works faster when compared to prisma. Unlike prisma, superphoto has over 190+ amazing effects to try on. You can play around to make it special or to kill time. It does not come with pro version. If you subscribe to their pro version you get to access more special features to try on.

Android | iOS

5. Pikazo - Photo Editor

Pikazo is another photo editing app which has very good ratings on Google play. It does fulfill basic requirements. It is indeed a cool app for those who have never touched "Prisma App".

Pikazo does come with options and features to enhance your boring photo but it lacks in performance, kills resolution under image is under 500PX.

Despite of all the fuss , it is still a good app which has made thousands of users happy.

Android | iOS

Wrap up:

Well Prisma App is indeed a fabulous photo editor which has left instagram look lame in several areas. Unfortunately all of the luxury provided to iOS but good news came by knocking our doors of android users from developers saying that they will be launching the android app by the end of month.

Till then you can check out these photo editing apps, which are brilliant compared to Prisma. However nothing can actually replace Prisma App in-terms of speed, performance, filters, editing & enhancing options & quality.

In the above list you can even find apps which has photo shop features, which are present in prisma app.

Many of you might have fell prey to fake app called " Prisma Android App Trending" , The developers have not launched the android version app yet. There are several sites offering that you gain access to android version app. Which is a bluff & spam. We would like to hear your thoughts, so comment below to express the artist in you.
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How to Download Prisma Photo Editor App For Android/IOS/PC/Laptop/Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

Nobody wants to upload a bad image on social networking sites. Everyone wants their photo to look fancy and good. And when it comes to making better changes to your photograph, the photo editors can easily do that task for you. Using special photo editors for editing your photographs has become really common now. There are numerous photo editing apps available for both Android and iOS users that let you edit your photos. These apps have various special filters that are the combination of some color schemes and photographic effects which give a better and cool look to your photo. Now, these photo editors have become so mainstream that people are ready to opt for something new and unique. The developers have that in mind and they have started developing unique apps whose work does not just limit to changing the color schemes of your photograph. Many new apps with some unique ideas have now been developed like that face swapping app which is really famous these days. One of these famous unique apps is Prisma.

Prisma is an app that lets you convert your simple picture into an elegant painting. So, if you ever regretted not knowing how to paint, well you can do that now with the help of Prisma in just a click. The filters in Prisma are consist of many kinds of painting styles of various famous painting artists. World famous patterns and ornaments are also there which you can add to your image.

So in this article, we will show you how you can install Prisma in your android/IOS/PC/Laptop by following some very simple steps. First of all let us take a look at some its great features.

Features of Prisma

  • Prisma is compatible with almost every device there is. Of course it is only available to be installed officially by iOS users right now. But there are some tricks like downloading it in APK format by which you can install it in Android supporting devices too.
  • It has a very impressive UI. Its User Interface is really user friendly and works smoothly.
  • Prisma can be used offline that means you can use the app without any data connection. This comes really handy as you can edit your photos whenever you want and wherever you want.
  • The artwork and filters in Prisma are very attractive. They can turn any image into an elegant piece of art and that is its specialty.
  • Prisma's ability to give a simple photograph an impressive and authentic look surely stands it out from other photo editing apps and software in the market right now.
  • You can add extra filters and artwork and there is also an option by which you can share your photo directly to various social networking websites.
  • Prisma is really easy to use. It has been designed in such a way that even a 10 year old can use this app with ease.
Now, follow these really simple steps to download Prisma in different devices.

Download Prisma for Android

It is really easy to download Prisma for Android. You just have to follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Open a PlayStore on your android phone.
STEP 2: Search for "Prisma". OR here is the direct Link
STEP 3: You'll see the option to download Prisma for free. Go to the first search result.
STEP 4: There you'll find a download button, Click on it, The download will start.
STEP 5: Open the app and enjoy!

So, this is a guide to install Prisma on your android phone easily.

Now if you own an iOS device, iPhone or iPad, It is available on iTunes for download. Follow these steps to install Prisma on your iOS supporting device:

Download Prisma for iOS

STEP 1. Go to theappdrawer and openiTunes on your iPhone or iPad.
STEP 2. Search for Prisma app. OR here is the direct link.
STEP 3. Select the first search result with app's official icon and install the app.
STEP 4. Open the app and enjoy!

So, this is how you can install Prisma for both iOS and Android. Now, the best part is, you can even download it on your PC or laptop. There are many Android Emulators like Bluestacks available which let you install any Android app onPCwith a single click. To download Prisma on PC, follow these steps:

Download Prisma for PC/laptop:

STEP 1: Open a browser on your PC, search for Bluestacks and find its official website in the search results. It will be the first or second search result only. Download it from its official website.
STEP 2: Open Bluestacks> PlayStore> Search for Prisma.
STEP 3: You'll see the option to download Prisma for free. Go to the first search result.
STEP 4: There you'll find a download button, Click on it, The download will start.
STEP 5: Open the app and enjoy!

Now, you can use Prisma even on your PC or laptop.
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10 Best Sites to Download Free Bollywood MP3 Songs

Everyone loves to listen to their type of music. Bollywood songs come in every flavour and people want to save every song they love on their personal devices so that they can enjoy them anytime anywhere. Without the need of internet access or any paying for any premium service. Here is a list of websites from where you can download Bollywood MP3 songs for Free easily.


This website has maintained its status since a long time now and one can easily find their songs of choice and download them with the click of a button. Some pop-up ads might be served to you but no survey or anything will keep you away from your music.


You must checkout this website if you like English music as well. SongLover.pk not only houses Bollywood Hindi songs but also a lot of English songs are added almost every day.


You can easily navigate and find the songs that best suite you and download them directly on you device.


With a beautiful website look, this website is home to thousands of Hindi Bollywood songs and allows the user to download without any trouble.


You can download by filtering your reach by genre, time or even quality. One can easily find the latest as well as old and evergreen songs on this site.


Most of the time when we search for a Bollywood Hindi song, this is the site that pops-up in the results most of the time. So, definitely it is a great source to search, explore and download songs. However, the site is filled with lots of ads and pop-up ads are also a lot which reduced the user experience. However, the site performs pretty well with searching old songs and downloading.


A fast loading site and very fast download speeds are speciality of this website.


Being a slow loading site, it is not the first choice of song downloaders but definitely one can checkout this site and see if he can find some great songs here.


They don’t have a lot of songs with them but the site performs very well and we don’t see plethora of ads one by one served to us without our consent on this site.


They update this website according to latest festivals and events so if you are looking for songs for a big festival then do consider this site. The website is not easily navigable therefore produces a major issue for the visitor.

I hope you liked the list of top 10 sites to download free Hindi Bollywood songs. If you think I missed any important site that should have been in this list then please let me know from the comment section below.
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Guide to Manually Install Android APK on Your Phone

Do you have an APK file and don’t know how to install it on your smartphone? You have come looking for the solutions to the right place! You can very easily install APK using your computer. External apps are easy to install manually on your Android device. Following are the guidelines that will help you in the installation process.

Android apps can either be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store or can be downloaded from external websites through a browser. Installing the android APK files from Google play is a straightforward process. You can simply click on the app that you wish to download; there you will find a download button. Click on it and the app will be installed on your device.

You can then start using your app. If App2Sd android app is installed on your device then it will prompt you to save the downloaded android app in the external SD card.

Guide to Manually Install Android APK on Your Phone

Procedure To Install Android APK Files To Android Device:

In case you have downloaded the application from a resource other than the Google Play Store then the app will not install automatically. The procedure to install the non-market Google APK on your device will be different as it requires you to change the default setting of your device. The settings of your device can be changed in two ways given below.

Installing Android APK Using Computer

In order to start the installation you will have to turn on the USB debugging. In order to do so:
  • Got to the Settings app
  • Select the applications and go to the Development option
  • From there select USB Debugging

You can then install the USB device driver on your PC with the help of the USB cable by plugging it into your phone.

1. You will have to download and install the Google Android SDK program on your computer along with the Android USB drivers. The link for downloading the above are:


2. Modification of the existing Android settings is very essential in order to install the apps downloaded from other sources smoothly. Go to Settings and choose Application Settings. Then select Unknown Sources.You will also have to select the option of either SD Card or Phone Storage and then enable the option Disable Use for USB Storage.

3. And lastly you will have to open the command prompt and then type: adb install

4. While typing the command you will have to keep note of the following variations: instead of <1> write down the path to your APK file and in place of <2> write the name of your APK file.

5. Your application will be installed and you will be able to use it as you wish.

Installing Android APK from External Source

In the Settings you are also provided with an option of allowing the installation of android app from an unknown source.So, if you wish to download any app from external sources, it can be installed by simply clicking on it.
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Ways to Fix Google Play Store If Not Working on Android

Is Google Play Store giving you a hard time? Well, here is the solution to this big problem you face when your Google Play Store stops working on your Android device. Get a look at the solution given below, that will fix your problem.

Google Play Store is one of the most common source from where we tend to download most of our Android applications from. Some of us do seek other external options but Google Play Store is by far the most popular refuge if you are looking for the latest, most reliable and best Android app.

The highly interactive and user friendly Google Play Store is a Google product and has the best collection of smartphone apps. Name the app or game and it will be available on Play Store. It is a gadget friendly platform and works well with all sort of gadgets be it smartphone, gadgets, etc. However, Google Play Store like all other amazing pieces of technology, also comes with disadvantages. It starts giving you a hard time for some reasons and stops functioning effectively. You might start facing problems while downloading applications and that is where our solution figures in because we can solve your problem.

This article contains some simple yet effective instructions and tips that you can use to solve your issues related to the Google Play Store. Check out the following solutions:

#1 Cleaning the cache from Google Play Store

The most effective way to get the Play Store working again is to flush the cache from Google Play Store and it will once again start working effectively. Once all the temporary data is removed from the cache storage, it will give a better window to the Google Play Store to function. The cache can be cleared in the following simple steps.

  • Go to Settings menu available in your device then go to the Apps option.
  • There must be Google Play Store available over there by going into All option.
  • There will be the option of "Clear Cache" available over there that will flush the cached data.

This is one way to get your Google Play Store working again. The problem is caused because when you download apps, all the data gets collected in the cache and the data becomes so large that it creates bottlenecks and stops the Play Store from working appropriately.

Removing the cache storage will get you rid of those redundant files that have blocked the cache and the Play Store will start working once again with its original efficiency.

#2 Verify your Date and Time Settings

Another reason that Google Play Store is not functioning perfectly on your device might be that the date and time are not correct. Verify if the time and date are correctly configured or not. Generally, if the time and date are incorrect then a notification will pop on your smartphone asking you to reset the date and time. In some smartphones this notification might not appear, therefore it is advised that you check the date and time.

Many of us are oblivious to that fact that incorrect time and date may cause your Google Play Store to function in an improper way and you might face problems in downloading apps from the play store.

So another way to get your Play Store started again is to verify the date and time that is configured in the phone. In case the time and date are set incorrectly then following is the procedure to feed the correct date and time in your smartphone or device.

  • Click on the Settings option in the menu
  • Then go to Date & Time and from there to "Check Automatic date & time"
  • The time and date will automatically be set on your device
  • The date and time can be set manually as well

If Play Store wasn’t working because of the issues of incorrect date and time then it will start functioning correctly.

#3 Uninstalling Play Store Updates to fix google play store

The updates of Play store can sometimes cause interruptions in the working of the Play Store. You can easily uninstall the updates if they are causing issues in your device. Updates can sometimes show the errors like unable to download app, or app not downloaded, etc. all these issues will be gone once the updates are uninstalled and the Play Store will once again start functioning correctly. Steps to uninstall the updates of Google Play Store are as follows:

  • Open the Google Play Store and look for the option "Apps" in the settings of the smartphone.
  • Click on the option of "Uninstall updates".
  • The play store will now start functioning properly without any interruptions.
  • You can now download the old versions of Play Store on your mobile without any complications. To do so you can go to xda-developers.com website.

#4 Clearing Play Store Data

Clearing Play Store data is the same as flushing the cache memory but it proves to be more effective on the Play Store. The information that you might not ever use again get stored and it creates bottlenecks therefore removing it becomes mandatory. In order to clear the data on the Play Store, you just need to follow the following simple steps:

  • In the menu of your device, go to Google Play Store through the settings present on your device.
  • All you need to do is click on the given option of ‘Clear Data’ to boost up your Play Store once again.

Once the play store data is cleared, you will have to login through your google play store account again in order to access the advantages of the store.

#5 Downloading & Installing latest Google play Store Version

After trying all the above if your Google Play Store is still not working and you are unable to download apps and games and enjoy the technology of your smartphone then you will have to install the latest version of Google Play Store. For this you will have to download the latest google play service apk files. This is another one of the solutions that might help you recover the working of Play Store.

The latest version of the Google Play Services might work effectively of your device and the downloading process of apps will become much smoother.

#6 Reset Your Google Account to Fix play store

This is another method to get your Google Play Store working back on track. If all the above tricks don’t work then you can try this one as well. In case your Play Store is facing the account problem them this is the right solution for it.

Removing google account is so far the best solution to get your Play Store back on track. You will have to refresh your account. In order to reset your account, you will have to follow the following steps.

The gist of this solution is that you will have to get rid of the google play store account that you already have and will have to reset your account for your smartphone. Following are the steps to reset your Google account:

  • Go to Settings then select the Accounts option and then opt for the Google option.
  • You can now select the Google account that you wish to remove.
  • When you are done, tap the menu that is present at the top right corner and click on it to remove it. Repeat this process for all the Google accounts.
  • Now add your account once again. You can do so by tapping the Add Account option from the settings menu.

#7 Perform Factory Data Reset on your device

The last of your options to set the Google Play Store right is to reset your smartphone to factory data setting. This will clear all the bugs that are there on your phone and get the Play Store working properly once again. It is essential that you create a backup for all your contacts, photos, video files, music files and the rest of your data that can be lost by resetting.

To reset, go to setting > Backup and reset > Factory data reset & Reset device. All the data stored on the device memory will be lost. If you want a clean swipe, you can also choose the option to erase all the data from the SD card as well but make sure that you have not checked this option if you don’t want to swipe off your phone’s memory.

So these were some tricks that can help you fix your Google Play Store if it is not working.
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