7 Factors for Choosing Dedicated Servers

When it comes to dedicated servers, you should be careful when choosing your hosting service. You want the best security, reliability, and professional services. Here are 7 key factors to consider when choosing your dedicated server.

Factors That Must Be Considered Before Choosing a Dedicated Server

Factors That Must Be Considered Before Choosing a Dedicated Server

1) Operating System

Select the operating system you want on the dedicated server. Depending on your needs, you can find dedicated servers running on Windows or Linux OS. Linux servers are more complicated to manage, but you can further determine whether you want to choose managed servers. So you can also choose whether you want to have a managed or unmanaged hosting solution.

2) Consider Your Resource Requirements

Consider your business’ specific requirements so that you can evaluate the features and resources provided by the dedicated hosting service. You may want high availability, highly secure access, data integrity, firewall protection, DDoS attack protection, VPN setup support, disaster recovery, email services, large file management, scalability, PCI compliance and much more.

Depending on your needs, consider the following resources when choosing your dedicated server:

  • Fastest and most powerful CPU that you can afford.
  • Consider whether you need multiple CPUs based on your processing needs.
  • How much storage space do you need.
  • How much bandwidth will you need.

3) Support Quality

When you choose dedicated hosting, the quality of customer support and its availability are important factors. You can never know when you will need technical support. Make sure to look for a dedicated hosting provider that offers 24/7 customer support. They should also be easy to reach through multiple contact modes. Test their support service and find out what other clients have to say about them before choosing any service.

If you are looking for one of the most reliable and trusted services, Inxy.hosting provides Dedicated server in Netherlands with one of the best customer support service and resources.

4) Your Budget

When it comes to dedicated servers, they can cost a significant amount on an annual basis. So you should look for a provider that offers a plan that meets your resource requirements within your budget. Different factors can contribute to the overall cost of dedicated hosting, including:

  • Server costs
  • Security
  • Set up fees
  • Software licenses
  • Bandwidth fees

Look for a provider that offers an all-inclusive plan that perfectly meets your needs and fits into your budget. When it comes to dedicated hosting, it is important to give most importance to quality and stability than price.

5) Scalability

Your business is going to grow with time. Its needs will change too. So make sure to choose a dedicated hosting service that offers scalable plans. Your technology needs may also change with time. Keep flexibility in mind when choosing your provider.

6) Security

This is one factor you shouldn’t compromise on when choosing your dedicated servers. You should look for a service that uses the most advanced security technologies. You will have to provide protection to both your visitors’ data and your own databases. Even though you will be installing your own software on your servers, find out what the provider is doing to ensure security.

7) Check Customer Reviews

Make sure to evaluate the hosting service thoroughly before choosing their services. A hosting service may be offering just the perfect plans and ideal upgrades that address your business’ needs. But make sure to check what their existing or previous clients have to say about their services.
An easy way to do so is to search online for reviews.

Look for both positive and negative reviews and gain as much information about them. Choosing a dedicated hosting service is a major investment, so make sure to learn from other’s experience instead of wasting your own money.

So consider all these factors when choosing the best dedicated hosting service for your needs. Choose a host that fits your budget while offering high quality services and resources. 😊
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Freemake - Free YouTube Video Downloader for Windows

Who wouldn’t want to download their favorite videos and stack them for offline viewing? Most of the online visitors fervently look for options to download videos of their favorite English Series, playable content like rhymes for their children, etc. from several video channels like YouTube, Vimeo. Freemake provides a fast and efficient Free YouTube Video Downloader

FREE Video Downloader Software By Freemake

FREE Video Downloader by Freemake

With a host of features that are received accolades at various download forums, the video downloader by Freemake is becoming the most downloaded software by the cyber savvy crowd. 

Here is a list of features that you get on downloading and using the Free YouTube Video Downloader software that is promoted by Freemake.

a. Version History - With its initial release in the year 2010, the software has undergone metamorphosis through a lot of versions. The product has matured to a fully capable and stable video downloader and is currently available as version 3.8 (released in 2016)

b. Support for multiple Windows platforms - The software is primarily available to be utilized for Windows platforms. The support is available to Windows Vista, Win 7, 8 and Windows 10

c. Easy to use interface - A very simple and easy to use interface facilitates the users to directly paste the URLs and add the video to this list to be downloaded or played. A 2-click mechanism is all that is needed to capture visuals of the videos from YouTube.

Free YouTube Video Downloader

d. Customer support for issues - With an excellent technical team, any issue that is reported is resolved in a time frame of 24 hours. Be assured of fixing any glitches in a jiffy!

e. Support for all video formats -  All popular video formats such as MP3, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP4 is supported for efficient and uninterrupted download through the Free YouTube Video Downloader. The videos from YouTube can be downloaded as-is in the formats that they have been uploaded. Minimal conversions in the video formats are also available – you can save YouTube Music as MP3 files with the help of the video downloader

f. Free of Cost - The makers of the software were keen on the Video Downloader to be free of cost. There are no hidden charges that may intimidate users about the usage of the product over the period of time

g. Supreme Quality - The process of video downloading and the resulting videos are assured of supreme quality. This is yet another attribute besides free of cost that the software makers were very focused about. Original quality of the videos that are downloaded via the Free YouTube Video Downloader is preserved. 4K and HD quality of videos can be chosen accordingly while downloading to establish the video quality while the online users download their videos. Other interim quality standards vary from 1440p, 1080p, 720p till 180p.

Supreme Quality

h. Ability to export music - Besides downloading of the videos, the music that is downloaded can be exported to compatible devices such as iPhone. Choose the ‘Export to iTunes’ so as to use the converted music files with iTunes. 

Ability to export music

The options aren’t limited to iTunes – you may rip web links to other devices like PSP, Android Phones

i. Unlimited video channels support - The product’s downloading capabilities isn’t just limited YouTube. Several other online video channels like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Flickr are also supported by this video downloader. This list is actually quite exhaustive with its support to several local websites of countries like Japan and France. You have a solution at hand to download as many reviews, how-to videos, films and TV shows using this smart downloader. The support is extended to 10000+ sites on the World Wide Web

j. Faster downloads - The Free YouTube Video Downloader uses the multi-thread technology and hence rips all the YouTube videos at a greater and faster speed. Freemake’s video downloader has proven fastest video downloads at 4 minutes for an HD quality video that runs for two hours

k. Extensive YouTube Content downloads - You will be amazed to see the support to download every type of YouTube content using this video downloader. From Vevo videos that have been uploaded to the YouTube channel to specific user channels, from the prime YouTube charts to YouTube user playlists, from full-length movies to YouTube content that is embedded on other sites, the Free YouTube Video Downloader can provide for downloading all YouTube content

l. Stay updated with new YouTube Design - Most of the YouTube downloaders and their relevant software stop working after a time as the video channel keeps improving and is constantly updated. The video coding mechanism changes as frequent as 2 months! There is no need to panic when you encounter such an issue – Freemake’s video downloaders are updated with new YouTube design or coding changes. Just visit the products/ supports page and download the newer version of the YouTube video downloader that will work perfectly well with new YouTube design. At times, Freemake releases newer versions when such new YouTube design changes are seen

m. Tune to your network speed - Are you encountering slowness with your internet and hence wouldn’t want the downloader to choke the network? Do not worry! The video downloader provides the provision to limit the speed of the download according to your network or bandwidth limitations. Set it as low as 700 Kbps or to a moderate value of 4 Mbps

Check out the value add-ons!

There are value add-ons that are highly useful and that normally do not come in with other video downloader’s. Do you want to know what they are?

i. Proxy facility for downloading videos that is normally not accessible. This overrides any restriction that may be imposed at your network level.

ii. The facility to pause downloads and also to restore any interrupted downloads is available with the video downloader.

iii. An important feature is a parental control that can be set for the adult sites.

iv. The facility to look through the download history is available in the video downloader tool.

v. There is quite an interesting feature that is available with the downloaded files – it is the ability to be saved to Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive. A default destination can be chosen for all downloaded files. This feature automatically transfers all of your YouTube downloaded content to the cloud – stash your movies, music and video clips securely on the cloud

This list is surely convincing enough to try and use the Free YouTube Video Downloader. With an instant, 2-step process, every video that you wish to save locally is available as a file. Ensure you choose the quality of the source video file, use the URL and save the file to your desktop or your gadgets.

Freemake’s Free Video Downloader has a huge crowd of users – more than 80 million and the count keeps increasing. With voted as the best software for downloading YouTube videos, Freemake’s Free YouTube Video Downloader has a great social media attraction through Facebook, Google+ and on Twitter too! 

Try the Numero Uno YouTube downloader that is ruling the download space for the last 7 years and witness all the features come alive with the Freemake’s Free Video Downloader. Experiment several other Freemake software that help you import music or convert videos to a relevant/ playable format. 😊

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9 First Date Night Tips from Guys to Girls

The first date is quite a nerve wrecking experience. You simply don’t know what to expect yet you are looking forward to this event like no other. You spend a few hours in the shower getting ready, you put all your effort on your makeup and you choose the outfit at least a couple of times before you change it once more. But what are the guys really looking for? Do they really care what colour your lipstick is?

Top First Date Night Advice for Men 

First Date Night Tips from Guys

If you want the first date to be a success, you should probably pay attention to what they are actually looking for. Here are nine great first date night tips that are directly from guys to girls.

Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to suggest ideas

It’s still rather common for guys to suggest the date night activity. They usually decide the restaurant and the movie – often asking you in advance what you think about the plans. Now, if you hate that restaurant or you’ve already seen that movie, don’t just go with it. You can suggest your own thing nicely and not have the guy be upset. If you do want to just let the guy decide, then don’t be rude about where he took you.

Tip #2: Never bring friends to the first date

Don’t have your friends over for the first date. If they are for security, simply meet in a public, crowded place and have your phone with you. Most girls bring them for ‘vetting’ and guys don’t appreciate it. This is your first date, not the moment to decide whether to accept the proposal. It’s not a proper date if you have shepherds guiding you.

Tip #3: Have an activity planned

There’s nothing worse than having a good time but then running out of things to do. You should be smart and come up with a Plan B – the guys will appreciate your effort. So, if the movie is full or you really want to continue the discussion after the dinner, be the one to take the ropes. Know where to go if things are not running smoothly or if you need something more to do.

Tip #4: Stop using the phone

We tend to use our mobile phones just a little too much these days. Look around in a public space and you’ll see more people down on their phones then enjoying the other people around them. When you go on your first date (or 100th for the matter), stop using the phone when the person is right there.

Tip #5: Makeup or no makeup; guys don’t care

Guys don’t really know or care about makeup. If you show up wearing a lot of it, some will freak out while others will love it. There is no universal preference in terms of makeup. The key is to do what you want and feel comfortable. If you’re the type of gal to buy the whole LookFantastic website at once, then go ahead and do your thing. If you just like a bit of mascara, then we’re perfectly happy with that too.

Tip #6: Show your personality with the clothing

You should stop stressing about the clothing and simply go with something that fits your personality. If you are a person who likes flowers and girlie things, then pick something that you feel comfortable wearing. If you are more of a sensual type of girl, Ann Summers  vouchers will help you find something affordable from the new collection. The key is to not spend a fortune on clothing you wouldn’t normally even wear. Let guys know who you are with your clothing!

Tip #7: Don’t use the word ‘nice’ to describe things

Remove the word ‘nice’ from your vocabulary. Don’t tell guys look nice on the first date or that you think the restaurant is nice. It just shows a lack of imagination and honestly sounds like a lukewarm acceptance of what’s happening. You don’t need to be overly dramatic or in love with everything about the date but avoid this word. If you don’t like something, then it’s better to not say anything.

Tip #8: Be prepared to pay

We live in the21st century and you really need to be willing to pay your part. Don’t get upset if the guy asks you to do this and do insist on it anyway. It’s about equality and fairness – however, don’t make the scene either if the guy has already sorted out the expenses.

Tip #9: Don’t overthink it; just relax

Guys are quite a relaxed bunch of people. It’s not that they don’t care; they just know there is no point worrying about the first date. What will happen, will happen. So take their advice and just relax. You just need to show up being you – if the guy doesn’t like who you are, then you’re better off without him anyway. There are no rules to what you should look like or do – just have a good time and let the guy see who you really are.

With the above nine date tips, you can glimpse into the mindset of guys and know what they really want from you on the first date. 😊
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How to Fix Your Low Self-Esteem?

It’s no secret that a lot of people suffer from a low self-esteem. When it comes to our worth, mainly we either pushing it too high or too low. While those who have exaggerated self-esteem will soon face that they may be wrong, those with a low self-worth try to dismiss all of their accomplishments. 

Tips to Improve Your Self-Esteem

building self esteem

Low self-esteem often leads to depression and thoughts that your life is worthless and meaningless. Definitely, such an attitude needs to be treated. So, without further ado check out ways to boost your self-esteem. This article includes what you need to knowbefore committing to someone.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others is the first step to the low self-esteem. We compare ourselves with others in terms of figure, success in relationship, success at work, financial success. But when you start comparing yourself to others, you lose yourself. The only person in your life that you need to prove anything is you, thus there is no need to compare yourself with anyone else. There is no competition between you and the others, unless you create on one.

Learn to Say “No”

It is really hard to learn to say “no”. It all starts at school, as we want to get recognized by others. In order to do so we are ready to say “yes” to anything, including things that we are really not into. We are afraid to say “no”, as we think that the sound of this word is enough to make us feel rejected. 

But in the end, you don’t have to do what you don’t want to. And your low self-esteem starts when you are forced to do something in order to indulge needs and desires of someone else. As soon as you say “no” you get the freedom to do what you want. Russian culture, for example, is all about being able to say “no” in disputable situations.

Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

When you have a low self-esteem, it is hard to believe that you have done something great even when the President phones you to tell you what a great job you have done. Perfectionism is great, but you won’t go far without admitting your achievements. You are working at place that you like? You’ve accomplished several successful project? Your story got published? 

You managed to buy an apartment yourself? Well, you deserve respect. Those are accomplishments. Okay, maybe you didn’t find a cure for HIV or managed to defeat famine in the world, still you have achieved something in your life. Under appreciating your own existence is one of the typical mistakes indating

Make a List of Your Qualities

Sometimes it is really useful to make a list of your positive and negative qualities in order to cure your low self-esteem. Or you can just stick with positive ones. When you have low self-esteem it is hard to believe that there is anything good about you. When you see the list of your positive qualities, you’ll have no problems in believing that there is something good about you.

Rediscover Your Dreams

Rediscover Your Dreams

Low self-esteem scatters away all of your dreams. In order to boost it, try to remember the things that you were really passionate about. Have you materialized any of your plans and goals? If not – the best time to do it is now. Trying to achieve your goals will boost your self-esteem, as at least you have tried to make your dreams come true. 😊
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Why Engineering Is So Important Nowadays

Engineering is one of the most popular and pursued academic fields in the world. When compared with major fields of education in the United States of America, engineering is right at the top

The Importance of Engineering to Society

Importance of Engineering in the Society

Students prefer to take this route due to a variety of reasons, but white-collar jobs, superior job opportunities, and high salary packages are often cited as the primary reasons. Apart from that, everyone knows that engineering plays an important role in the way the world works, which automatically makes it an important field in the education realm.

Although we know that it is inherently important, as a graduating student one would want to have a clear idea about engineering as a field of study. It may seem challenging at first, but a good look at what it has in store for students is necessary. For example, a student leaving high school and signing up for college with an eye on engineering would want to know the types of projects, assignments, and other college homework that he/she gets every semester. 

There are sites such as https://homeworkhelpdesk.org/engineering/ that help students do homework and submit them in time. Here’s a brief overview that will provide the biggest reasons why engineering is so important nowadays:

Engineering is Both Science and Art

Engineering is a field which combines science and art with innovative thinking. The end product of engineering has to always contribute to making the lives of humans easier. But, in the current scenario where we are looking for sustainable ways to live, engineering plays a much more significant role. In this regard, it involves the following:

  • Creation of new, innovative technologies that help humankind progress.
  • Make our lives easier
  • Find ways to make living on Earth sustainable and effective (e.g.: thwart climate change).

The above are just few points that show what engineering is capable of, but in the larger scheme of things, it definitely has many more roles to play.

It’s a Broad Field

From an academic point of view, engineering is a very broad field of study. In addition to general engineering concepts that mainly involve physics and applied mathematics, the primary ones are –

  • Mechanical
  • Agricultural
  • Civil
  • Computer, Information Technology (IT)
  • Aerospace and Aeronautical
  •  Electronics, Electrical
  • Telecommunications

Each of these streams has a variety of curricula, and students are recommended that they choose the stream that they can most connect with. For example, if a student chooses Mechanical Engineering because he already has an interest in building things then he wouldn’t have to take engineering homework help in the initial stages. Interest combined with knowledge is what a true engineer is made of.

Required Skills for Majoring in Engineering

While signing up for engineering may seem easy, it is the road ahead that makes students more anxious. A student is expected to have minimum required skills like memorizing formulae, researching abilities, applying concepts, and understanding theorems. A lot of times students decide to get diploma first before pursuing degree education. This can help because a diploma will prepare them with the basic concepts before they go full-fledged into actual engineering.

While there are homework websites that can come to their aid with homework help, it is recommended that students understand what they are getting into before signing up. There are examples where students have enrolled themselves but then suffer because it is too technical or difficult for them. Having said that, it should be noted that Engineering can get very technical as semesters pass. It is widely different from other known fields of study, and mostly involves practical knowledge than theory.

Hands-on technical projects, workshops, and internships are also an integral part of engineering, which attracts students who are really interested in “creating stuff.”

Constantly Evolving

Engineering is one of the few fields that is constantly evolving. Compare it with a field like psychology, and although there are differences, the ratio is going to be on the higher side for engineering. For example, Electronic engineering students used to study about cathode ray tube (CRT) in the previous decade. 

However, right now, students have to first study about CRT and then move on to other technologies like liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma, and light emitting diode (LED) to name a few. This is another reason why the field is more important. It needs more young minds in the engineering community to help with the progress.

From an academic point of view, this proves to be a challenge to students. They can manage their science homework and other subject assignments using writing websites such as the one mentioned above.

Career Scope

As mentioned above, attractive employment option is one of the main reasons why students choose engineering as a major. The starting average salary packages are also better than most other fields, thus motivating students who both look at the learning curve and the remuneration in their professional careers.

Moreover, the scope of finding employment in major engineering fields is at an all-time high. This is attributed to the rise of startups and entrepreneurship, inspiring more and more engineering students to go the business route using innovative ideas.

Overall, it is very apparent why engineering is an important field of study. There is a lot that it can contribute to the society, which cannot be substituted by any other field. 
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