How to take a screenshot on Windows 10

Screenshots are very much useful in case of any technical issue and demonstrating something to the audience or getting help from a friend through screenshots; you can easily take a screenshot on Windows with "Snip tool" and "Inbuild screenshot feature". New inbuilt screenshot features in Windows 10 requires you punch Print screen with Windows key to taking a full-screen snap, and it will be stored in "Screenshots" folder in My Pictures.
Before Windows 10 and 7 when Windows XP was popular operating system taking a screenshot on Windows was not easier without any third-party screenshot tools.
We will start with Windows 10 to Windows XP, and then we will discuss a few third-party screenshot tools.

How to take screenshot on Windows 10

Windows 10 has a feature to save a complete visible area screenshot with the help of Print Screen and Window key. Just press these key combination to take a full-screen snap and it will be saved to My Pictures area. All version of Windows from Windows Vista includes a built-in screenshot tool called "Snipping tool" that let you create a customised screenshot of your opened programs and provides some useful features like underlining, highlighting and much more. The snipping tool can be found by search its name on the start menu or you can navigate to Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool.

How to take screenshot on Windows 7

Since Windows Vista, snipping tools have been included in Windows. So you can access snipping tool on Windows Vista and Windows 7 on above mentioned paths.

How to take screenshot in Window XP

In Windows XP there is two option to save screenshot through Windows paint or any other image clipboard program. To capture entire page use Window key and Print screen button and for current Window use Alter and Print screen buttons, it will copy a snap to the clipboard, and you can paste the image in Windows Paint and save it.
If you need to take screenshots on a regular basis, I will recommend you using third party screenshot tools for Windows.

Best free screenshot tools for Windows

If you are a blogger, tech-support or teacher then you might have felt a need to a better "screenshot tool" than Microsoft's inbuilt default snipping tool, although snipping tool certifies needs for primary users. Capturing and saving a screenshot and adding highlights and marking things with a pen, that's all Snipping tool can do. But I think for content developers, tech support guys and geeks there is more need for a right screenshot tool not just to capture screenshots but also editing them in advance level and uploading them directly to clouds for sharing purposes.
Some screenshot tools capture full window screenshot and selected portion as well. This screenshot can save your time in editing images and upload them to cloud with a single click.


Greenshot is a perfect screenshot tool for beginners and provides some image hosting services which can be configured and used to upload captured image with one click. You can set up Google account, Photobucket, Imgur, Flickr, Dropbox and Box. Greenshot can help you by creating custom shortcut button from preferences, or you can use default shortcut button. Capturing a region, Capture last occupied region, Capture window and full screen is very easy with Greenshot. It also features clipboard feature so after capturing an image you can copy it to clipboard and paste in a program you want to edit.
Image editor of screenshot feature Windows paints style environment with basic editing tools that are perfect for beginners, bloggers and tech-support usage. You can download and see various tutorials about this free screenshot tool.


Lightshot is similar to Greenshot and completely free, and it is also available for Mac devices and works smooth on all version of Windows operating system. One great thing about Lightshot is direct editing tools option from screen capture screen and one click upload option to its screenshot hosting websites.


Jing is a free screenshot tool from TechSmith and screen recorder as well. Jing let you record up to 5 minutes of your screen video. You can share video or export it for further editing.


ShareX screenshot
ShareX supports screen recording along with screen capturing and has an inbuilt MS Paint style tool as well.

All above-listed screenshot tools have hotkeys support and let you capture portion and full screenshot as well. I found all three of them very useful and productive and they all are free to use. They can be the good alternative to default snipping tool on Windows.
Links for listed tools :-

  1. Greenshot
  2. LightShot
  3. Jing
  4. ShareX

How to stop Windows 10 from Automatically downloading drivers

stop windows update for drivers
Windows 10 automatically download and install updates for Operating system and devices as well, sometimes updating driver may cause many major issues including a few frustrating blue screen of deaths, accidental data corruption and blank screen issues in your laptop, desktop or tablet.
You can stop Windows 10 from downloading updates and drivers to avoid these problems, or if you are already facing such issue, you will need to reset your Windows 10 once and then apply these steps to stop future issues.
Windows 10 deliver universal drivers for all hardware on your machine by default, and this is major reasons why some of the users may want to stop automatic driver updates with Windows Update. Windows 10 updates are mandatory for Windows home users and Pro and Enterprise user can adjust their timing for an update, and this is creating lots of issue in Windows 10. Many hardware brands are serving drivers for their products through Windows update, but most of the devices don't support every driver at all. This creates lots of issue with OS regarding hardware driver issues. This issue can be easily resolved by updating your hardware drivers on your own and disabling hardware driver update through Windows update. You can turn off Windows driver update from "Advance system settings" for hardware.
Turning off automatic driver update

  • Open system properties (search system or open This PC's properties).
  • Now click on advanced system properties.
  • Switch to hardware tab.
  • Choose "let No, let me choose what to do".
Now select options according to your need. If you want to stop automatic updates of the driver from Windows update, then choose "Never install driver software from Windows update."
This option will stop Windows update from installing drivers for unknown and known devices. Windows 10's update push feature is perfect for some users who are struggling to find drivers for their hardware but in many cases, default drivers may create an issue like bluescreen, lagging of display in case of the wrong version of drivers or latest version not compatible with hardware.

How to backup Google contacts to Spreadsheet automatically

Creating contact backup is crucial but in the case of Android phones with Google contact sync on when you delete a contact it automatically gets removed from Google contact when contacts are sync. It can be frustrating not to have a backup, but you can easily back up your Google contacts into a Google sheet automatically when a contact is added to your Google account one entry with your contact details will be added into Google spreadsheet and safely store in Google Drive, and you can access it anytime.
This can be done with a web-based task scheduler that performs work when individual even happens, IF THIS THEN THAT ( is very much useful in all aspects and in the case of creating a backup it is way more useful.

How to backup Google Contacts into Google spreadsheet

  • Create an account on
  • Create a new receipt
  • Choose Google contacts in "If" option and connect grant access to your Google contacts.
  • Now choose option added a new contact to trigger an event.
  • Select Google drive and connect it.
  • Now choose to append in a document option (if you want to create a separate document for each contact) and add a row in a spreadsheet to store all contacts in a spreadsheet.
  • Define spreadsheet name and click on create recipe.
Now all your contacts will be stored in a spreadsheet without any issue, and you can access them from Google Drive.

How to change default apps in Windows

There are number of applications in Windows 10 that you might like to change, for example in case of browsers after installing any other browsers you need to change default browser app to open all urls by default to your newly installed browsing application. For this you can see your browser prompting you to set browser as default. You can click that option to set that browser as default but if you accidentally closed that option you may not see it again and for other apps you need to change it from Windows setting.

How to change default app in Windows 10

In Windows 10 there is a separate "Default App Settings" to manage default apps for various purpose.
Just open start menu and search "default app" and open "Default app settings" (system settings).
Now you can see five main categories for default apps and in case if you need to choose default apps by file scroll down and click on "choose default apps by file type". To change default apps for different protocol click on "choose default apps by protocol".
Windows 10 default apps setting

How to change default apps in Windows 7

There is a desktop app to change default app in Windows 7, this default app is available since Windows vista and can be accessed from control panel. Windows has just changed user interface since Windows Vista and all other settings do exists in control panel and Windows setting dashboard in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Just navigate to following path :-
Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs
Choose "Set your default program" option and proceed.
In case of Windows XP, and Windows Vista you can see the shortcut to change default apps for your machine direct from start menu.

How to turn off Windows Defender in Windows 10

I have seen many users frustrated with Windows defender and they want to get rid of it; Windows Defender automatically gets disable when you install another antivirus program but in many cases, like if you don't want to install another program or want to disable or turn off Windows defender for a while this article is helpful.
How to turn off Windows Defender in Windows 10
Since Windows has adapted freestyle notification area and Windows setting interface, it gets lot easier to manage everything with one setting menu and faster Windows search.
To turn off Windows defender follow below steps:-

  • Open "Settings" Window (Press Win + I).
  • Type "Defender".
  • Click on Windows Defender settings.
  • Turn off real-time protection from right column.
    turn off Windows defender
As you can see in above screenshot, Windows defender's setting are under Update and Security. You can use start menu's search box as well.
You can adjust online sample submission settings and if you are facing issue regarding Windows defender's high usage issue read this post on msmpeng.exe.

How to find if Windows defender is scanning itself

Msmpeng.exe high usage of CPU and disk is caused by many reasons and scanning itself is one of the major reasons that many users face. If you have been facing Windows defender eating up your hardware resources and slowing down your computer you can easily find out if this problem is cause by scanning it own directory.
When Windows defender scanns its own directory then each files are double scanned at same time and this cause high usage of disk with more CPU usage. I have trid explaining about msmpeng.exe proccess earlier and it is related with Windows defender.
How to find if Windows defender is scanning itself
In case if you don't know whether Windows defender is scanning itself or not then you can use proccess monitory from Microsoft to checkit.

  • Download and extract process monitor (hardly 1mb in size)
  • Run Procmon.exe
  • Now find "Msmpeng.exe" from the list of processes.
See the path if any proccess with Windows defender have their own path then it is scanning its own directory and exclude directory from Windows defender setting.