The Ultimate Guide to Write Blog Content That Really Rocks

Having a blog is no longer something odd for most people. In fact, the number of bloggers grew significantly over the last years. Therefore, the competition on the market is incredibly strong. You can no longer be good enough. Unless you create content which makes the readers read every single detail of it, you won’t make it in this niche.

So, what every blogger aims for now is crafting the content which will be truly outstanding. The only question remaining here is how one can do this. There is no one answer to it, but we have crafted a list of useful tips which will make your content brilliant.

So, save these recommendations and apply them to your writing. You’ll see that excellent blog posts are something you can do.

How to craft perfect articles for your blog

How to Write a Blog Content

1) Identify your audience.

It might sound like something irrelevant to your blog, but the thing is that each post must be written with a very particular audience in mind. Writers must figure out what their audience loves, hates, believes in, or pursues in life. When knowing these facts, they can compose pieces which will stimulate a unique visitor to become a regular of the blog, and finally a customer.

Besides, if you know what they want, it’ll be easier to write texts which will answer their questions of why they need your product right now. It’s a key to successful business growth, so study your target audience.

2) Make the website user-friendly.

Everything on one’s website must be simple and self-explanatory. Thus, as soon as a visitor clicks on a link to your site and goes to the home page of your blog, they should know where to go to get your contacts in case they have questions they want to be answered as well as a list of the latest topics you elaborated on in the blog.

When it comes to subscription, it must appear on the screen in some bright colors to draw attention and be short not to bore users to death with a long list of questions.

3) Keep it short.

The text you are working on does not have to be long. If you can make it short, do it. Unfortunately, the writers forget that the audience does not have time to read long chunks of information. They prefer lists or other forms which allow the audience to acquire new information in a short but efficient manner. So, whenever there is something that you can cut out without changing the meaning and message of your article, it should be left out.

4) Watch your language.

One of the secrets people might forget about is the language they use here. It’s better if the language one uses when writing is good and proper but not too inflated. Always aim to speak in a way which is acceptable to your audience. Think of how you would talk to a customer in real life and use the same language for your blog. Let it be in the form of a conversation, as it makes everything sound more natural.

5) Add more links.

We don’t mean just any links but rather links to other pages of your blog. Select proper anchors and add hyperlinks to them, so that when readers find an article interesting or want to learn more about a particular subject matter marked in an anchor, they can easily do it right on the page. They say that adding links can decrease a bouncing effect and increase the time a user spends online. So, don’t lose such an opportunity and use every chance you have to encourage readers to stay and read more.

6) Divide it into smaller parts.

Every blog platform has its own peculiarities but depending on the width of the screen, you should adjust the paragraphs and make them shorter. In fact, different bloggers say different numbers but on average an article written correctly should only contain about five lines in each section and lines should be less than eighty symbols. When taken seriously, these numbers can change the whole experience of blogging.

7) Use keywords.

How to Use Keywords in Your Blog Posts

A lot of users have no idea that you are running a blog with the information they need. So, you have a chance to find such users by adding more keywords to the texts. Thus, when going online and searching for some particular subject, they will end up getting a link to your blog. There are special tools which help you generate keywords and most of such tools are free. 

The only task you will be left with then is inserting such words and phrases into your text in an efficient and natural way. But the time you spend on it is a time well-spent, as keyword rich articles get more views.

8) Show, don’t tell.

You are probably familiar with this principle: you should not simply state some facts but rather paint a picture using the words. The principle behind this is simple: you should focus on involving all five senses your readers have. For instance, if you are describing some situation, don’t merely state some facts but add details connected to one’s hearing, smell, sight, touch, and taste. Thus, readers will walk in your shoes and get a better perspective of what it was like to be there.

9) Only choose engaging topics.

There is no chance people will read the information they are not interested in. So, put yourself in readers’ shoes and write about things you would want to hear about. Besides, we strongly recommend you not using themes which only come in two colors: black or white. 

There must be room for discussion, so rather opt for something people might have different opinions about. And from the beginning make sure you stated your position clearly and encouraged other people to have a discussion with you right after they hear out all of your supporting arguments.

10) Craft catchy headlines.

Think about it: every day we get to see so much information, but we cannot familiarize ourselves with all of it, as it might be detrimental to one’s mental health. Moreover, we don’t have that much time. That is why we normally select only information we find important. How do we identify whether we want to read something or not? 

Right, we figure that out from a headline of each individual article. So, instead of choosing some vague title for your next blog post, select something brilliant and catchy. Think of what might make readers interested in reading the whole piece and make it your headline.

11) Add more visual materials.

People tend to like pictures, Infographics, and videos more and more these days. We explain it with the fact that they have to absorb so much data each day that not being able to take it anymore, they opt to watch a video rather than to read an article. For instance, watching a video is easier, and takes almost no effort to deal with while reading might take more time. So, to draw more traffic to content on your blog, add visuals.

12) Make it flow.

There is another thing writers must take into account to increase the quality of their texts. This thing is called “readability.” To put it short, it is a complex of the pace an average reader has when reading it as well as the level of complexity of a piece. 

It is better to keep your text simple without using obscure words or phrases an average visitor won’t understand. Besides, it is always better to use short sentences instead of long, complex ones. So, we are not saying that you should talk like a first grader in your articles. However, you should consider turning difficult things into simple words and phrases.

13) Use professionals to edit your posts.

If you work hard enough on each piece, the chances are that you might get so used to your style and common mistakes that your brain will ignore them altogether. However, when one seeks professional help here, people who have the qualification in this area and see this text for the first time can fix errors in no time.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to pay for such services, you can always use technological solutions like Grammarly for this purpose or ask your friends for help. It does not matter what you opt for, have someone else edit and proofread it for you.

14) Call to action.

You should always make an ending of a piece vivid and memorable. There are several options how one might do that. You might call readers to a particular action regarding the information just learned or ask them a question which will guide their thoughts in a particular direction. Whatever you choose, don’t lose a chance of persuading the readers for the last time in the end.

We hope that you will find these tips helpful. They’ve helped so many bloggers that we are sure that they can bring your writing to a new level. So, save them and let us know how they work for you!
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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: Managing Money In Your 30’s

While pop culture teaches us to dread turning 30, it’s actually an exciting and usually revolutionary period in our life. Whether you’re getting married, having children, starting your own business, or buying a home, there is a lot going on. But keep in mind these are huge life changes that often require a lot of money.

Freedom Debt Relief Review

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Life is eventful enough without constantly worrying about money. Not to mention, getting a grip on your finances can change your life and your family’s for the better. Freedom Debt Relief reviews financial tips to put you in control of your finances and wealth building.

Spend Less Than You Earn

Not a little bit less, a lot less. Many people live their lives spending just about everything they earn each month, putting a tiny amount into savings, and thinking they are doing great. Cue a big unexpected expense or desired lifestyle change and they are shocked into reality.

The best way to create wealth is to save and invest your money. You can’t do that if you spend all of it each month. Investments mean your money is working while you sleep and compound interest can make you very wealthy over time.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews take a big picture perspective and think about coming life changes you’ll want to be able to afford. The time to start saving for your first home or child is yesterday, but today will do.

Avoid Lifestyle Creep

You just got that big raise and you are feeling flush. Finally, you can afford everything the neighbors can. It’s tough to avoid spending more when you have more. But this is lifestyle creep and is not a recipe to build wealth.

A great way to avoid lifestyle creep is committing to investing a certain percentage of your income. Freedom Debt Relief reviews that way, when you get the raise, you’ve already predetermined how much will go into savings and investment accounts.

Review Your Finances

As mentioned earlier, you need to take a big-picture perspective when it comes to your finances. This means blocking out times every month to sit down to think about your finances and make long-term plans. Extra money won’t magically appear when you need it.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews sit down with your significant other and try to imagine timelines for events like children’s college, retirement, or a first home purchase. Knowing your goals allows you to make strategic investments that allow you to achieve those goals. Different goals have different time horizons. You’ll need a specific investment vehicle that will allow you access to the funds when you need it, without sacrificing the advantage of investing for an extended period of time.

Spend On What You Care About

A bit more on the life advice side, but this is still good financial advice. The more money you make, the more you’ll have available to spend. With more options, you’ll need to choose wisely. The best way to spend your money is on things that actually matter to you.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews this is highly personal to you. Think about your core values like family, community, or education. Trying to match your neighbor’s fancy vacation will not only waste your money, but it will waste your time. You won’t be as fulfilled spending money just to keep up appearances as if you spent that money on something really important to you.

Enlist Help (Or Don’t)

Professional financial guidance can save you from making unnecessary mistakes. Find a financial advisor who works as a fiduciary 100% of the time (this means they’re legally obligated to act in your best interest).

A financial advisor can be a great way to get your finances in order so that you don’t have to worry about it. 

That being said, some people love taking care of their finances personally and are good at it. Those people may not need a financial advisor. Just make sure you take sound advice rather than chasing get-rich-quick schemes. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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How to Read Other Peoples Text Messages Android App

Text messages have been around since the beginning of the cell phone and while the world no longer uses phone with brick keyboards and small screens, the function and use of the good old text message is very much prevalent – even with the technological advances from cell phones to smart phones and the increase in social media and chat apps.

How to Secretly Monitor Someone's Text Messages on Android

How to Secretly Monitor Someone's Text Messages on Android

The availability to phones by people of all age ranges, genders and races means that the standard text message has extended its reach and convenience for billions of people and as a result of this wide spread use, the ability to track text messages was born and this ability has been taken a step further by companies who have created new apps that are not only able to track text messages but also have a whole host of features and plugs that make it possible to do so much more than simply track text messages.

The obvious but rhetorical question is why would anyone want to read other peoples messages, this is quickly answered by the clear and disturbing truth that while humans crave privacy and security, they also crave the ability to be able to encroach on others privacy and get a view or glimpse of the other person’s life. While every aspect of this notion is true, there is so much more to the ability to track and read other people’s messages than simple curiosity and greed.

For example being able to read other peoples text messages allows institutions and people such as the government and private investigators to use the software for legal purposes or, alternatively parents who wish to monitor and track their underage children’s text messages to protect them from potential threats.

So now that you know why people use text message tracking apps, perhaps you have your own reasons, you then need to know the best apps and software that will enable you to do just that and depending on your phones operating system, this varies.

Android is one of the two most popular phone operating systems and the Play Store is chock block full of different apps that claim to be able to track text messages and finding the best one is a task and a half. You no longer need to worry because doing this is as easy as three simple steps and here is how to read other peoples text messages with an Android app.

  1. Choose the app
  2. Install the app
  3. Use

Being able to read other peoples text messages with and Android app is easy but the determining factor of whether you have a good experience or not, whether you are able to properly read the messages or not and whether your entire mission is successful mainly depends on which kind of app you select and there are many apps that are supported by the Android platform such as DDI Utilities and Surepoint Spy but the best app that is also specifically created for the Android system is Auto Forward Spy.

How to see Whatsapp messages of others

With Auto Forward Spy you are not only able to view the text messages, you can also read old and deleted ones as well and the app manages to do this by going through the phones logs and system and retrieving the texts before they are overwritten. All text messages also have the date, time and receiving number on them.

In addition to this, Auto Forward Spy allows you to record both sides of a call conversation, monitor social media, track the phone via GPS monitor and record email, see call activity, access contacts, view the browser history, remotely take photos and generally observe all activity related with the phone.

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Top 6 Tools to Help You Write College Essays

If it’s not the first time you’re faced with the need to write a paper, you surely know about Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Copyscape, and other well-known tools that help writers improve their work. However, there are a number of other apps and websites designed to make studying, and particularly doing writing assignments, easier for students. These include:

Best Tools to Help You Write Your Essay

Best Tools to Help You Write Your Essay

  • Voice Assistant
  • RefME
  • Write or Die
  • EditMinion
  • Twinword Writer
  • Thesaurus

Read on to figure out what each of them serves for.

Voice Assistant

If your typing speed leaves a lot to be desired while the speed of thoughts and ideas running through your mind is too fast, this app will come in handy. It allows you to convert your recordings into a text. So, you just speak your thoughts out and see them written down. 

It’s a very useful tool for writing outlines and recording essay ideas that may strike you when you’re away from your computer. Besides, there’s a built-in grammar checker. When you’re done with recording and transcribing the text, you can quickly send the transcription to a printer or another app, e.g. Google Search, which allows you to save time on extra clicks. With Voice Assistant, you can write essays lying in your bed or on your way to college. 


Is there anything harder than formatting your paper according to style standards, be it MLA, Harvard, or APA style? To some students, it’s the scariest part of writing. RefME was designed to help young people and alleviate their stress connected with fears of citing sources and creating a bibliography improperly. The database of citation styles is impressive – more than 7,000 of them. 

The way this app works depends on the citation style you choose. Although it may take you some time to understand how to use RefMe, it will save you more time, having done all the referencing for you, and ensure your grade won’t be affected by improper citing format. By the way, this app is available not only on iOS but also on Android and the Web.

Write or Die

This one is intended to help students cope with the most common essay writing problems – writer’s block. You must know what procrastination is like – you just stare at a blank page, having no idea of how to start, being unable to focus, and thinking that you’d rather watch another episode of Game of Thrones now. But the deadline is coming. Write or Die is an application that will teach you to stay focused. 

There are a few modes – the one where you get punished for distracting and stopping to write, the one where you get rewarded for completing the milestones you have previously set, and the one where you are encouraged to keep writing to maintain the pleasant atmosphere created by the app. All the effects are customizable, so you can choose what works best exactly for you. For example, you can set an unpleasant noise as a punishment in the first mode or a picture of your celebrity crush that will pop up as a reward in the second mode. 


Before you submit your writing to your professor, you must check it and make final edits. Use editMinion for that. It’s an online analyzer that points out weak parts of your text. These may include the use of passive voice, pernicious adverbs, clichรฉs, etc. 

One of the most useful features of this tool is that it also seeks out homonyms, which are most frequently confused, such as “it’s” and “its” or “than” and “then”. Such misprints look really annoying and catchy, but most proofreading tools don’t have such an option. EditMinion also gives you the list of the most frequently used words along with the number of their occurrences in the text so that you could replace some of them if overused.

Twinword Writer

This is another tool to improve the quality of your text. Twinword Writer is an online word processor and editor. Its main feature is suggesting you synonyms to the last written word once you stop typing. Thus, if you have trouble choosing the best word to match the context, this app will give you a few ideas. You can also get a list of synonyms to whatever word you want just by clicking on this word. 

Twinword Writer is especially useful when you feel like you’ve been repeating a certain phrase or word too many times. You can check the number of repetitions via the semantic highlighter option. You surely know that the more versatile your vocabulary is, the better essays you will be able to write. So, this tool helps you make your texts more intelligent. Over time, you may expect real improvements in your vocabulary if you continue using it. 



This list would be incomplete without a good dictionary. Thesaurus is a dictionary consisting of more than 3 million of synonyms and antonyms. If you were using someone’s essay as an example, this tool will be especially useful for you as you may need to ensure that your own piece of writing doesn’t copy that one, even if it’s a single sentence.

Thesaurus will help you use different words to express the same idea. This can make your text much more interesting and original. Besides, you may want to check for synonyms of a particular word if you’re not sure about its meaning. 

The number of helpful tools grows with the development of technology. Today, apart from the variety of mobile, desktop and online applications that can help you in writing, there are numerous Web resources where you can find effective tips on improving your skills, download sample essays, and even get cheap custom papers written by writers with extensive experience. Essay assignments are easy to deal with if you know where to look for help. Keep this in mind.

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The 7 + 1 Graphic Design Trends That Will Mark 2017

Graphic design is one of the fields most subject to fashion. Influenced by new technologies, electronic devices, art and mainstream culture. It is in constant change and movement. From the School of Business and Management we present 7 + 1 trends to your brand is soaked with creativity.

Graphic Design Trends You Need To Be Aware

Graphic Design Trends


Graphic design has a predilection for the vintage style. It collects influences and references from the 1950s especially. The retro-modern trend combines the best of today with the highlights of yesteryear. Old and new concepts are merged into typographies and color palettes, mainly red, blue and black. This style has a privileged gap in packaging, web design and brand logos.


Brands always seek to establish an emotional connection with their customers and users. The hand or hand draw design conveys a human touch, closeness and casual and casual tone. They also evoke a certain childish and nostalgic feeling. In general, they are adaptable designs and applicable to all types of brands and companies. It serves both for logos and for typefaces.


The appearance of different electronic devices, each with a different resolution and format, has completely changed the way graphic design is understood. Like the webs, the logos also have to be responsive and adapt to all screen sizes. Without losing quality, nor the essence, nor its main characteristics. Responsive logos are simple and malleable.


This is a booming trend. They are images that reproduce infinite times a subtle and little accentuated movement and that conveys the sensation of watching an animation. Usually in GIF format. The possibility of incorporating movement into the image provokes interest and captures the attention of the surfer.


Modular or modular design has been a leading trend for years. It will take force in 2017 due, mainly, to responsive design. It allows to organize large blocks of text in small spaces more manageable. Thus, greater interaction with the design and a professional appearance is achieved. It is recommended to merge blocks of text with images.


Less is more. Minimalism is a trend emerged in the first half of the twentieth century that regains its strength thanks to web design. It is based on simplicity and functionality. This eliminates shadows, reliefs, gradients and textures. It dispenses with all three-dimensionality. Opt for flat colors and voids that provide breathability.


Pantone has already chosen the color that will mark 2017: greenery. It is a green with yellowish tones, very refreshing and revitalizing. Leptrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute, says that Greenery "represents the need for security and freshness in a politically and socially convulsive environment. That desire to reconnect with nature and oneself. " This color will encourage consumers to take in air and oxygenate.


Negative space is the same as silence. It also transmits and has value and meaning. The negative space is that void of elements, which is intentionally left unoccupied. It is about taking advantage of all the spaces to launch a second message. This 2017 will predominate the images that play with the negative spaces for deeper ideas or double meanings. It is used a lot in the design of logos. It helps convey a sense of minimalism and clarity.

Now that you know them, do not hesitate to apply these trends in the graphic design of your brand. To achieve a good branding strategy, take advantage of practical ENyD marketing and sales specialization courses.

Trends in Graphic and Web Design for 2017

Although each studio or designer follows a line or has its own style, there are a number of visual trends that must be followed to be up to date. In this profession, being at the forefront of design and technology is very important. And they know it well.
Four Graphic Design Trends for 2017


The minimalist approach returns, the simple and functional premium over complex aspects.

Illustrations by hand

The images made by hand bring warmth, a human value to the design. This modality is used, above all, to explain everyday situations.

In addition, the vintage style already used by many brands for its branding strategy, will continue to sweep this year.

Bold Photography

A fusion between thick typographies and intense photographs. The images are suggestive, that is, they suggest a series of ideas thanks to the contrast produced with the text.

Modular design

It consists of using different blocks of text, instead of using only one and long. This formula brings more usability, and gives a more professional design.


If you want to make a difference with an innovative and creative web, surely one of the elements to choose will be the parallax scroll. This resource gives the web great visual dynamism and depth.


Moving photos are booming. The cinemagraphs are a mixture of photo and video, images in which a small repetitive movement occurs. GIF format is used to create them.


Microinteractions will invade web pages. Any movement will involve a small action on the part of the page, for example, pass or rest the finger above the mouse.

This small compilation are the trends that will be seen this year, the most attractive and that will facilitate the user experience when browsing. But it is not always necessary to use some or all of them, the most important thing is to choose which one or which ones fit your project more according to the needs of your business. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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Download Link2SD Latest Version APK for Android

Everyone has android device and smartphones with them in this era of modernization, and we know that GB’s are not enough to store everything in our smartphone if we buy a phone with 8 Gb internal storage often known as ROM we only get about 4.5GB to use as 3.5GB are reserved for the preinstalled apps and data’s.

Link2SD Latest APK Free Download for Android

Link2SD Apk Download for Android

So we struggle with the space issues and we have to undesirably uninstall the apps we want to use in our smartphone. And we want the permanent solution for this problem and you will be excited to listen that in this post you will get the fix for this problem.

This app link2SD helps you to move the files or apps from the device to the SD card that can’t be move by simple copy paste, its only condition is that your device must be rooted to use this app. It can be called as app manager that helps us to make the android easy to handle by not creating any space issues.

Link2SD  Android App Info

App Name
Android 4.0 and up
Bulent Akpinar

Link2SD Features

  1. Apk, dex and lib files of any app can be linked to SD card.
  2. Newly installed apps can be linked automatically to the SD card.
  3. Force move i.e. if the app doesn’t support after moving to SD card you can try this option.
  4. You will get notified when an app installed supports this app.
  5. You can freeze and un-freeze the users apps.
  6. Preinstalled apps can be converted to the user apps and vice versa.
  7. All data and cache data can be cleared of any app by this app.
  8. Integrate ‘Updated’ system applications into the internal storage.
  9. Clear all he cache of the apps in one tab.
  10. App you want to not clear the cache data can be excluded in the clear all cache option.
  11. Notify if the total size of the cache that is stored exceeds.
  12. Reebot widget is also added with this app i.e. reboot can be done on one click.
  13. Supports more than 40 languages.
  14. Search option is also provided to search the app by name.
  15. List all the apps, show details of the size info and link status.
  16. Huge variety of options to sort and filter the applications.

How to install link2SD?

Step 1: Open the Google play store on your android device.
Step 2: Now search for link2SD.
Step 3: Install the app and download starts as the app is downloaded launch it.

How link2SD Works?

1) It uses he second partition i.e. the SD card and it uses it as the internal storage.
2) It moves apk, .dex, lib and internal files of the app into the SD card as it was in the internal memory.
3) Linking the obb files and other data files with the app and games.
4) The folders of the apps i.e. the folder of obb files, data files of the apps are moved to the external memory i.e. SD card.

How to Use Link2SD

These are needed to run Link2SD

  • You will need the root permission.
  • A SD card must be installed or inserted in the device.
  • There must be two Primary partitions on the Card.
  • The obb and external data files of the apps and games is linked only if the device is rooted.
  • Link2Sd apk does not create any second partition by itself it must be created by the user itself.

Now your turn

Hope so you must have liked the post and it was helpful to you subscribe follow and support us for further such posts.

And don’t forget to share us because sharing is caring. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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