Windows Privacy Concerns, Learn Why You Should Use A VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps in creating a secured connection to another network over the Internet.  Virtual Private Network (VPN) is actually a paid service with the help of which it becomes possible to keep your web browser security.

With a secured VPN connection it becomes possible to connect your PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. to the server and it also permits you to browse Internet using secure Internet connection.

Hence, VPN software thatworks perfectly on Windows acts as a secure tunnel between the PC and destination which you need to visit on the Internet.

Reasons for Using VPN

Apart from establishing a secured online connection between two or more computers, there are various reasons for using a VPN. These reasons are mentioned as follows.

  • Browsing the Web securely on Public Wi-Fi: You may get free Wi-Fi when you go to shopping complexes, parks, railway stations, etc. It is a natural tendency for people to get online as soon as they get free Internet. Accessing the Internet without a VPN can be a very risky matter. With free Wi-Fi you can easily get into trap as fake Internet connection that operates as a pleasant face can be a phishing scam.

  • Beating location-based streaming restrictions: There can be a location-based restriction in streaming the website. For example, you may be in the UK and want to streamed releases on the US version Netflix. But if you install a VPN and specify a local server you will be able to securely connect to and route data. Hence even if your computer is in the United States of America it can be connected to the server that is there in the United Kingdom.

  • Defeating oppressive Government Censorship:  Government of a country sometimes prevent you from accessing certain websites especially when you want to access other country’s website. But at times it becomes necessary to communicate to the outside world. In such a case you can easily use VPN to access the materials as well as services that you may need to use without any security. In VPN every data is encrypted which means all your online actions are private.

  • Saving money on online shopping: VPN can also help you to save money on online shopping. For example, if you observe the product of an online retail store you will find that its price varies from country to country. Hence if you want to purchase the product from another country where it costs you can save a lot of money. But this can only become possible only by using a VPN.

  • Saving money on airfares: You may also be able to save a lot of money by purchasing air tickets from different countries with a VPN. Airfares can be different from country to country even if the departure and destination remain the same. For example, it is observed carefully you will find that air ticket is cheaper via a Norwegian IP address rather than that of Malaysian IP address. If you have a VPN connection you will be able to purchase your air ticket from that country where the cost is low.

  • Encrypting everything automatically: Whatever online activities you perform via VPN everything is encrypted. Even if you send an important message or confidential email via VPN there is no risk of cyber theft as the data will be totally encrypted. A secure and private tunnel is created for sending you data. Thus public Wi-Fi can also be safe and how data, as well as browse activity, will be kept from the eyes of government censors.

  • Enjoying private and secured voice chat: With the help of a VPN, it becomes possible to keep the video and voice chat secured. There are some chat apps that do not have built-in encryption. For example, chat over Voice over IP (VOIP) does not have built-in encryption. That is the reason why whenever you will use voice chatting app like Skype, Google, Hangout, etc. should not be used without VPN connection. Apart using VPN the speed of the chatting will also increase considerably.
Due to the above-mentioned reasons, the use of VPN becomes very vital for every company that can protect from any kind of risk.

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