Making Social Welfare Students Job-ready For The Private Sector

Students of TSWREIS or Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, the department of education, are opting for every possible measure in order to seek admission into the premier and top-notch national colleges of India for the last years. 

TSWREIS has finally come to the conclusion that it is not possible for every student to crack the IIT entrance examinations. Hence, they have introduced the novel scheme with an eye to bringing improvement in employment in the private sector.

For those students who are studying in 11th class in specific schools across the state, more than fourteen vocational courses are recognized in different areas like taxation, medical lab technician, hotel and retail management, physiotherapy, office assistantship, pre-primary school teacher, pharmacy.

Scopes of employment

R.S. Praveen Kumar, the Society secretary stated that they offer training to the children for cracking Government jobs since their ninth grades. At the same time, they have realized that the private sector requires immense manpower in different skills and areas which cannot be developed in the due course of time. 

The new education policy demands education since early childhood. They offer assistance to the students in finding out the most suitable job for them.

The society secretary, however, ensures that the scheme is not specifically for each and every student who is willing to go for full time higher education. It is however for those students who intend to pursue higher education but fail to do so owing to poverty. 

Thus, the vocational courses are primarily to connect students who belong to poor families and seek employment for earning bread and butter for the family. These courses will be useful to them in pursuing higher studies and earn for the family at the same time.

Almost 2200 students showed their interest for taking interest in the course out of which 1380 students have made enrollments in them in certain institutes as off now. However, there are high chances that the programs will be expanded to almost every high school in the near future. 

The society secretary also emphasized on the importance of the development of pre-primary schools with the prerequisite funding from SC corporation and similar agencies in the long term. 

It opens doors of job opportunities for students and let them become an entrepreneur as they set schools on their own in the process, once they complete the training.

School garages

The Society is found to tie with the Society for Employment Promotion and Training in Twin Cities or SETWIN for starting the School Garages in which students will seek training in Mobile Phone technology. 

As they take part in the training, they will learn different options for repairing the electronic gadgets of the new age. In accordance with the society secretary, they are allocating space in different schools which will help the students in learning more about those technologies.

Consolidation phase

At present, society is into the consolidation phase of the existing infrastructure. It has gained success in recruiting 3,000 teachers within the time duration of one year. In the process, more than four hundred lecturers will be recruited for the colleges, offering degrees to women.

More than twenty thousand girls have successfully completed their courses from these colleges who else would have got married. The Society secretary also added with pride that few of these women also gained success in entering to the Tata Institute of Social Studies with an eye to pursuing different postgraduate programs.

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