How to Completely Remove One Drive from Windows 10

If you don't want to just disable One Drive then you can completely remove it using registry trick. If you are thinking you can uninstall One Drive then you should note that you can not uninstall One Drive, you can either prevent it from starting up with Windows or delete from File explorer by deleting registry.
Remove One Drive from Windows 10

How to Completly Delete or Uninstall One Drive from Windows 10

  • Open Run program, (Press Win+R)
    and Now type GPedit.msc and click enter to open Group policy editor. (If you are running home version then you will need to upgrade to pro for group policy editor, But registry hack works on all version.)
    Now you can see various policy sorted in a different folder and you need to disable usage of one drive for file storage to completely delete it from the file manager.
  • Carefully navigate to Local Computer Policy - Computer Configuration - Administrative  Template - Windows Components - One Drive.
  • Now you can see "Prevent the usage of OneDrive" for file storage entry, double-click on it and change the option to enable.
That's it. This will remove OneDrive as a file storage option from your Windows 10 file explorer. In case you want to get it back then revert the changes. You can also use registry files to do these process instead of following the whole tutorial. Download Registry files from here.

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