How to disable One Drive in Windows 10

If you have upgraded your machine to Windows 10 then you have noticed One Drive app starts everytime when you boot into your machine even if you don't want to use it. To avoid using One Drive don't configure your account, you can also close it from system tray but there is also a way to get rid of One Drive by disabling it. Once you disabled One Drive from startup options from task manager it will never start automatically but still will be there and you can restore it when you want to use it.
One Drive was formerly known as SkyDrive and now Microsoft is forcing it's user to get friendly with One Drive, instead of other cloud services since Windows 8 and 8.1. As said by Microsoft Windows 10 will be final version of it's OS series and it will be served as service instead of software.
How to prevent Auto start of one drive

Removing / Disabling One Drive in Windows 10

To prevent One Drive to auto start you can disable it from task manager's startup tab.
  • Open Task Manager (Right click on task bar and select task manager).
  • Now Click on Startup tab.
  • Right Click on One Drive and Disable it.

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