How to limit login attempt in Windows 10 Home

If you are using Windows version which does not support group policy editor then you can try this method to limit login attempt. Many of my customers are using Windows 10 home editor, it does not support but there is a solution to manage group policy editor in non-supported version.
Group policies are used in many tricks, tips and hacks for Windows and they help to unlock some good features and force Windows operating system to do what you want.

Step 1
To limit login attempt in Windows 10 you can download a xls file from Microsoft containing Windows local policies.

Step 2
Click on Security tab

Step 3
Now Find "Account Lockout Threshold" on Policy name column.

Step 4
Now change the setting from Registry setting column and change the default value to your desired value.
Now Click on save and reboot your computer and see it working.

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