How to Write a Privacy Policy for your Blog

When it comes to your online website portal or weblog, you must have a privacy policy for your blog, website or services that you provide online. Each company, website and service agency provide it's customers, users a privacy policy for their good.

What is Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy of blog or website simply tell users, what data blog or website is collecting and what they are doing with it.
A Privacy policy is a written statement or document provided by website owner or publishers complying with privacy law. Privacy policy discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client's data.
How to write privacy policy for your website

Why do I need a Privacy policy on my Website

Many times website owner don't give priority to visitors' or users' privacy but if you want to be a trustable brand on the internet then your user must know what you are doing with their data. Privacy policy are very necessary even if you are a freelancer and running an ad-supported weblog or website. Many ad-networks recommend adding privacy policy to your website like Adsense, buy sell ads etc. because a good advertiser will not advertise on a blog or website which collects data of users for a wrong purpose or mislead users. Privacy policy helps to clear users' doubt and makes website trust worthy.

How to Write Privacy Policy for your Weblog or Website

A Privacy policy must include following things :-
  • What data your are collecting from users.
  • How you are using that data and why they should know.
Basically users should know we are collecting their data for analyzing purpose.
Checkout Geeky Dude's Privacy page.

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