How to Burn ISO file into USB

There is more than one method to burn an ISO file to USB disk and make it bootable pen drive/USB stick. These days operating systems' size are getting huge. ISO to USB helps you to do a quick, clean and easy installation on Operating system.
If you are running Windows and want to make a bootable pen drive or burn your Windows 10 ISO to USB then you will need at least 8 GB pen drive and Windows USB/DVD Download Tool.
You can use many other ISO to USB creator but I recommend using Microsoft's official ISO to USB creator.
To burn ISO file to USB you will need your system ready with ISO file Windows USB/DVD Download Tool installed.

How to Burn ISO file into USB

Method 1 :- Using official Microsoft Windows USB/DVD Download Tool.

  1. Download and install Windows USB/DVD Download Tool from here.
  2. Run the program and choose the path where ISO file is saved on very first screen.
  3. Now choose USB drive from given list.
    (If USB drive is not listed refresh the list first and try again)
  4. Click on begin copy and finish the process.
The tool is named Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool but it works file with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 because Microsoft adds support for previous versions' program in new version of Windows.

Method 2 :- Rufus ISO to USB burner

Refus is an easy to use ISO to usb tool to create bootable disk drives. Refus is also well know because of it's speed of creating bootable pen drives.[rufus screenshot]
As shown in above screenshot, you will need to select the drive first then target system type, file system, cluster size (make it default), name the new volume label and choose source image to start.
Green bar will show you the progress and you will be prompt when process will be completed.
These two tools are most recommended tools, but you can manual method as well.

Manual method to burn ISO to USB

If you don't have anytime to download the tools then you can make a pendrive bootable with Win Rar (or any supported archive software to extract ISO file) and Windows' disk partition tool.
  • First of all open "Create and format disk partition" (search on start menu)
  • Now right click on the disk drive and set it as active.
  • As pen drive is set active, you can format it and extract the ISO file directly into pendrive.
This method works fine if you have Windows operating system. 

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