How to Open Task Manager

Task Manager works as a brain monitor for Windows and helps to monitor running process, programs, apps and services. Task manager helps to execute commands, run programs and terminate them. It also helps to restart system apps and as a survival method to kill any apps when they are not responding.
Task Manager was introduced in Windows NT (4.0) and later it started getting updates and became better and better. Now Windows Task Manager includes 7 tabs :-

  1. Process :- This tab shows all running processes including services and process from other accounts.
  2. Performance :- Performance tab monitors your computer's hardware performance.
  3. App History :- App history of all apps with several statistics are in.
  4. Start Up :- With startup tab you can manage apps which starts with Windows.
  5. Users :- This tab shows all users on computer and how much CPU, Memory, Disk and Network they are utilizing with details of all their running applications and system services.
  6. Details :- This tab provides various details of processes running on the Windows Computer, process IDs can be obtain by this task manager tab.
  7. Services:- Service tab details service ID, memory used by services with a small description about them.

How to Open Task Manager

3 ways are most popular for opening task manager in latest version of Windows.
  1. Open Task Manager by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. (Control, shift plus escape key). I found this way most easy to open task manager because you don't have to do any extra work.
  2. Open Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ATL + DEL and then choose task manager option from security screen, this ways works great if you computer's system program is not responding for example explorer.exe it self.
  3. You can use system task bar, right click on it and choose task manager from there.
These are easiest way to "Open Task Manager" but you can also use run program, Just press Win + R and type "taskmgr" then press okay.

My Favorite way to Open Task Manager

I use mouse more than keyboard and that's why creating a shortcut for task manager is easiest way I found to open it.
 Just create a new shortcut on Windows Desktop and navigate to
Save the shortcut and double click on it to check.

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