How to Restart Application Instead of Killing or Suspending It

Many apps stop responding when in use since Windows 8 and this problem has continued to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. However Windows 10 has ditched the idea of forcing users to use app in metro mode (full-screen mode) including charm bar from it's new version of Windows. But still many apps keeps changing and it leaves you with option to close the application completely and restart it again.
Not all users love using apps when they are using Windows 10 on their laptop or desktop but in case of Windows 10 tablets, apps are pretty useful with touch interface. So there are lot's of ways to end any task or kill app but there is a simple way to restart app from task manager.

How to restart apps in Windows 10

  • Open Task Manager
  • Now click on Process Tab.
  • Select the app you want to restart.
  • Click on restart button at right bottom.
There are number of apps in apps stores which hangs during operating and do not provide smoother operating and this could be main reason why Windows is not so much popular like Android.

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