How to Remove Other Users on a Wi-Fi using your Android Phone

I have already listed two methods to disconnect users on your computer using Who is on My Wi-Fi and Netwatcher, but in case of Android there are many unofficial apps to remove, disconnect or I should say kicking out users from connected Wi-Fi. I strongly recommend to use apps from Google play and that's why I have a app from Google Play Store that remove users from Wi-Fi.

How to Remove users from Wi-Fi using Android Phone

Android OS is just getting the shape and recent launch of Remix OS has completely made it a competetor of Windows, Mac and Linux. There are hell lot of apps are available for Android OS and this helps users doing extra geeky things from their smartphone or tablet. Follow below steps to kickout any user from your network :-
  1. Download and install NetCut (This apps required root access)
  2. Open app and grant root access to when prompted.
    Screenshot of Netcut app to disconnect users from Wifi
  3. Now select the  devices you want to disconnect and wait for 10-20 seconds, if want to test it then try to disconnect one known device from the list or use it at home. The device will keep remain connected but can not access internet until you will remove your selection from that device in app.
This is it, this app works fine on any rooted device running on Android 2.3 or above. To allow them you can remove those selecttion and those device will get internet access back. You are not actually kicking out users but restricting them from accessing Internet even if they are connected. Simply you are diconnecting users from Wi-Fi internet access.

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