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Sometimes while doing multiple stuffs I want one Window to be “always on top”, So I don’t get bored doing lazy stuff, like sorting mails or writing lengthy assignments and doing writing stuff while watching matches online. The problem occurs when I switch to my browser or writer the media player or Window playing the match moves behind and that creates a major issue.
But If you want to keep one Window “Always On Top” then you will love these four methods to keep a Window always on top.

Keeping a Window “always on top”

There are 3 major tools that I would like to suggest you and one cool method to keep background playing video always on top without installing any additional software, I personally love the last one but sometimes I have to keep calculator or any other Window on top of the others so I use other tools listed here.

How to Keep A Window “Always on top” without any software

This is very simple trick which you may have discovered before, major media players have a option to keep the video playing on top of the other Windows.
  • Windows Media Player :- Right click on playing video and click on “Always show now playing on top”.
    Screenshot (24)As you can see in the taskbar browser is active Window but media player is on top.
  • VLC Media Player :- Right Click > Video > Always on Top.
  • iTunes :- Top left menu > Preference > Advance Tab > check keep the mini player on top.

Keep anything Always on top with additional Tools

There a few good tools which can help you to keep window on top.
Auto Hot Key :- AutoHotKey is a open source macro creation software which helps to do repetitive task, download and install AHK from it’s official website and create a new ahk script by adding following codes :-

^SPACE::  Winset, Alwaysontop, , A
This let you keep the current Window always on top and you can see the script running on your background. You can download a pre written version of AutoHotKey script from Labnol.
TurboTop :- Turbo top is not a good one but still made its place in our list. Turbo top is easy to use and helps you keep any window always on top with a few clicks. You can download Turbo Top from here. After downloading it’s easy to install and choose the opened window you want to keep on top through system tray.
On Top Replica :- I didn’t find this tool working great but if you want a portion of your Window’s to be on top of the other, On Top Replica is a great tool to use with. You can download and install it from here, after installing just run the tool and choose from open window to keep whole window or a portion of it on top of the other windows. This tool let you adjust size of Window similarly you do in Windows explorer and crop unnecessary part of it.
4t Tray Minimizer :- It’s helping users for managing open Windows since Windows XP and what this tool does is simply awesome but most of users will not like this one at all because you have to scale Windows each time you switch to other open Window. 4t Tray Minimizers adds additional button beside 3 default buttons on your program window.
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