Beginer’s Guide for Autohotkey

Autohotkey can be very useful to help you with a few things and you can make yourself with some good “ahk scripts”. For those who are not familiar with Autohotkey and “ahk scripts”, it is an open source macro creation automation software for Windows that help users to do repetitive tasks from keyboard shortcuts with help of “ahk scripts”. AutoHotKey is also as hot key, it allows you to set shortcut or hotkeys for certain task.
Let’s start with building a simple “ahk script” and simple tutorials.

Download and Install AutoHotKey

You can easily download and install autohotkey from it’s official website, just head to here and click on download then choose installer.
While installing choose custom install settings and in next screen choose unicode and click next and finish when installation is done.Download and install autohotkey

Creating First ahk script

Now right click on your desktop and GoTo New > AutoHotScript and rename the file as per your requirement.
Once you created new file right click on it and choose edit option and write your script here.
You can find various scripts available online or copy paste these codes :-
;Launch Chrome
F7::Run "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"
This code is repurposing F7 key to open Google Chrome with these codes. Make sure you copied whole text and saved the file, now double click on the newly created “ahk script” to run. You can check it by pressing the function 7 key, you can modify codes as per your requirements. You can also see the script running on your system tray.
One very popular ahk script is keeping a Window “” is :-
^SPACE::  Winset, Alwaysontop, , A
Add these codes in new ahk script and run it, now press ctrl+space to keep the current Window on top of others. This will keep the current window over all other open windows which will help you to carry on your work while watching other stuff or increase your productivity. There are lot’s of ahk scripts available out there I will try to list a few good one in next blog post.

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