How to Find Name of The Songs without Knowing the Lyrics

Many times you might have heard any song in YouTube video, TV serials or at somewhere in a party and your mind has stuck on finding the name of the song. You can't figure out what is the name of the song, and this happens with everyone in the world. Many times while listening to FM radio or visiting market place, bars you get to hear some excellent music, and you don't know the lyrics or completely forget the song name.
I don't Know The Lyrics "What is Name of The Song."
When it comes to music Google and other search engines can not help you until you don't remember a few lyrics. Sometimes I don't even remember any wordings of the song but music is always easy to remember. Luckily there are some awesome apps and web services to help you finding the name of the song.

Find Name of the Song on Smartphone

You always carry your smartphone with you can it can be very useful in finding or identifying songs with the help of your smartphone. You can either search for any lyrics from this song on Google or try these apps to download the song.


Shazam is one of my favorite app for finding some trending songs and search for songs through music. You can use Shazam to find a song by opening the app and holding your phone to music, and it will find the track for you. Shazam is available for iOS, Windows and Android phones with a feature to buy songs and albums from iTunes, Google Play Music, and Groove respectively. It can also be used on iPad touch by connecting an external mic. For UK users, Shazam provides incall service, just dial 2580 and hold your mobile to the music.

Google Voice Search

If you own an Android device, then download "sound search for Google Play" to find songs using Google's voice search. Google voice search is very useful as well. When a song is a playing, just open Google voice search and say "What song is this" Google will find the song for you. This method works on the web version of Google with Laptop or computer having a mic.
These are two reliable ways to find any song playing around with the help of your smartphone but what if you only remember the music, and it is not even playing around. I am sure many have faced this situation, read ahead for a solution.
Find Song Name using Own Voice
A regular guy will expect to sing the song in his/her voice and find the song with the help of the app and here is some useful stuff that does exactly same thing.


SoundHound is a great app that let you record a portion of the song to find it. In most cases you can't find a song if it is not playing around but this app lets you find songs with the help of your voice. This app is available for all three popular mobile os platform (Windows, iOS and Android). SoundHound has its web version too, called Midomi and unlike Shazam, it's completely free. You can use the app on smartphones and web version on desktop and laptop as well.


Audio tag helps to identify any song with the aid of small recording; I remember this service because when I use to download ringtones on my Nokia (Now Microsoft) device, AudioTag helps me to find the full song of my favorite ringtone. AudioTag is very simple to use just head over to their website and upload the short clip and result with full songs will come up.

WatZatSong ("What's That Song")

WatZatSong is a social website where other users help you to find out any full song with help of short clips or own recorded sound. This social community is especially built-up for helping each other to find out tracks. You can share WatZatSong's posts on other social media (Facebook, Twitter) as well for more help and other people can help in finding the exact song for you.

Play to Find The Song

Musipedia and MelodyCatcher both are very useful if you can play the song on a piano or virtual keyboard. Musicpedia let you play the song on a virtual keyboard or record it through whistling which is very easy but if you can't play or whistle then drag up to 5 notes with your mouse and Musicpedia will find that song for you.
Melody Catcher is similar as Musipedia but you can only play music through virtual keyboard using your mouse and click on search to get results of matching songs.

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