How to Find Similar Song and Music Based on your Interest

When you are in the mood of go and want to listen to similar music non-stop but you run out of your collection. Finding similar songs & artist based on the music you already like is one of the coolest advantages of The Internet. Many web-based streaming websites work as a discovery engine and let you find similar songs and music with along with the same artist.
Today every music streaming site have a recommendation engine but still some user completely ignore that, but some of the good places are there to find music based on your interest.

Find Similar Song for Spotify

There are a few useful web apps that suggest you similar song and music based on artist and taste of your music. Spotify is a great app to stream songs, but if you love to use any other music streaming app or just collect songs differently, you can try other options below.
For Spotify users SpotAlike, Similar Songs, and More Track Like This are great tools to discover new music based on your taste and find more similar songs. I use Spotibot but would recommend SpotALike to other users.

Use YouTube to Find Similar Songs

YouTube is no doubt one of the best place to get music for free, and its recommendation engine helps to find lots of similar songs. YouTube proposal may become annoying sometimes, but you can reset your watch history to get rid of annoying song suggestion and start searching again to find similar songs. On an average hundred hours of video and music are being uploaded every minute on YouTube.
Open your YouTube account's watch history and reset both watch and search history to get entirely similar song suggestions. Type following Url to go your Watch history:-

Last FM is an Internet music database that offers free music streaming to everyone. Last.Fm, let you find similar songs using Audioscrobbler and let you use their API for creating your application. You can access their API database here and use theirs for any purpose. Head over to and create an account and start searching song, on result page click on similar artist or tracks tab to find matched songs.

Use Other Services to Find Similar Songs

There is number of services to discover more similar tracks, songs, and artist some of good one are listed below:-

  • If You Dig :- If you dig is an artist recommended, enter artist name in the box and it will suggest you lots of similar artists.
  • Sixty-One :- Let new artist add their music and a unique music discovery game.
  • Shazam :- Shazam helps to find music without knowing the lyrics but also recommends similar good songs.
  • Live Plasma :- Live Plasma creates realtime plasma for your search with related artists and songs.

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