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There are some websites with inappropriate content on the Internet and blocking or preventing access to those content is manually impossible. A reasonable inappropriate content definition for a parent is "Anything which is harmful to their children". Anything is accessible if it is available online from anywhere in the world through the internet and these days almost every person having a suitable device can access the internet, mostly kids are getting online day by day, and significant exposure to inappropriate content is increased day by day to attract them. Inappropriate content just means porn and illegal content.
Hopefully, there is some good stuff to help parents to stop their children from consuming porn with porn blocker and parental control software; this post is a tutorial for Qustodio, which is a good porn blocker and parental control software. I came across Qustodio for monitoring content of all users on my local area network and found it very useful. Qustodio let you track Internet time allowed once it is installed on child's device, browsing mode view on web based famil portal let you monitor network activity with real-time Internet filter to block any website category direct from the family portal dashboard.

Qustodio "Best parental control software."

I have recently started using Qustodio and found it best among all other parental control software because Qustodio is easy to install on children's device and web based family portal let you see everything in browsing mode view. Childs' online experience can be controlled with real-time internet filters.
Features of Qustodio:-

Helpful to Stop Cyber bullying

Qustodio can help you to stop cyber bullying and restrict your children from similar content which hurts you child's sentiments. These days its child bullying has been started online through social media and blogs, and if you care about your child, you can help them to get healthy environment through Qustodio and similar parental control software.

Easy to install on child device

Qustodio is very easy to install on your children's device, and it prevents itself from being uninstalled. You will need to log in again in the app to uninstall it from your Android, Windows, Mac or iPhone devices.

Browsing mode view

Qustodio let you monitor internet activity from through browsing to its family portal and let you diagnose the online activity of Qustodio installed device. You can block contacts, websites direct from web based family portal.

Panic button call

You can enable Qustodio's Panic button feature which let your device call selected contacts in an emergency.

free porn blocker

Qustodio works as a free porn blocker; you can use Qustodio's real-time internet filter to block porn websites. Qustodio uses a different system for blocking a website, instead of identifying a single site it creates a category of sites. When you block adult group of websites from the family web portal, it blocks all adult and porn sites around the internet because Qustodio uses the class method to identify websites.

Best parental control software

You can try Qustodio on your own first, and Qustodio offers free one device service for the lifetime and when you signup you get to try premium service for three days. Monitoring network activity, managing child experience better, browsing mode view, web-based family portal and easy to install it on children device makes it one of the best parental control software available in the market. Along with these Qustodio prevents itself from being uninstalled and requires to log in again. Alongside online features, it tracks SMS, blocks contact and monitors child location with panic button option which can be used to call/send SMS to selected contacts in an emergency.

Real-time internet filter

Qustodio offers an excellent real-time internet activity tracker which helps to monitor the category of websites users install Qustodio on their device are visiting. This control groups and makes data easy to understand for ordinary users as well. Many Website Blocker just blocks website but Parental control software works differently, they track, record and help parents to understand behavior and interest of their children.

How to Setup Qustodio

You can easily setup Qustodio if you are using it as parental control software then follow these instructions :-
  • Download Qustodio for your device from here.
  • Now Create an account from your desktop and use login credentials on your children's device.
  • Once everything is setup you can monitor their online activity from Family dashboard.

Download Qustodio

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