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I have been searching for some good parental control software, and lucky I found a few good Internet accountability tools as well. Accountable2You is an excellent network activity monitor at a reasonable price, if you need an Internet accountability option for school, colleges or workplace then it is for you. Accountable2You offer its software with two plans, check out their pricing.
There are many reasons you would like to monitor the network activity of your employees and students and parents should monitor their child’s online experience for better parental control on the content they see.

What is Internet Accountability (Network Activity Monitor)

Internet accountability also means monitoring activities on a device’s network. In simple words keeping records of Internet history, website visited, collecting personal Internet data is referred as Internet accountability. There are many reasons which require admin of a network to keep records of online surfing through “Network activity monitors” also known as “Internet accountability tools.” Accountable2You is one of the greatest tools which let you see real-time network activity data from users' device and block websites, contacts, adult website, etc.
Internet accountability and network monitoring are done in school, colleges and workplaces but some parents also use "network activity monitor" to keep and eye on their children's online behavior. These tools can be useful to prevent online bullying and blocking porn and illegal content at various places.

How to Use Accountable2You For Network Activity Monitoring

Accountable2You offer their software for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows. First of all, you will need to signup any of their plans, and then you can download and install the software on your device.
Once the software is installed on your device, it will start internet accountability and data can be seen from your account dashboard for all platforms.
Features of Accountable2You :-

  • Easy to manage across multiple device.
  • Unlimited devices can be monitored with one account.
  • Text alert for suspicious activity.
  • Alerts report generated hourly for all questionable activity.

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  • Alerts are easily identified and classified in our dashboard.

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