How to Create and Use Gmail Aliases

Gmail useful than any other email platform, this article is a detailed guide to creating Gmail aliases and manage multiple accounts on various websites with Gmail aliases. Gmail aliases were known as dot trick before but later Google clarified that they don’t offer Gmail aliases. But it can be created by adding dots and plus sign before at symbol (@) in your Gmail address and this method let you receive emails even after changing your email address by adding dots and plus sign. All emails sent to aliases created by dots will be sent to your usual email address; this lets you create unlimited numbers of Gmail address for signing up a website or sort emails with different aliases.

How to Create Gmail Aliases

Creating a Gmail aliases is very easy, but they can use for a different purpose that we will discuss after learning to build them first. You can add dots in between of your email address or add plus sign and some text before the @ symbol. It will send all email to your address, but websites will read them as a different email address.
For an example here is email address:-
All emails sent to or will be sent to above mailing address but email address containing a dot will be and one containing plus sign and Facebook word before @ symbol will have same aliases in “To” section.
This Gmail dot trick works because it does not recognize dots and plus sign in between of an email address, and all emails sent to other addresses containing dots or plus sign with some text will be forwarded to actual address itself. This method is useful when you don’t want to create any other Gmail account but if you have other mail service and want them to use with your current Gmail account as an alias then you can add that email address from account settings and start receiving emails on the address in same Gmail account. That is just called setting up multiple email address in a single Gmail alias
To add a custom email address in your current Gmail account, Go to Settings > Accounts and Import > Add another email address you own and fill up the information and choose to add it as an alias or an additional email address. You can utilize Gmail aliases aka Gmail dot trick in a different manner, either use it to create multiple accounts on a website and filter emails as well.

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