How YouTube Detects Copyright Violations

YouTube takes down videos violating copyright law and do not approve any of infringing videos on YouTube. YouTube users are uploading more than 500 hours of video per minute on YouTube, and it gets 80% of its traffic from the outside US, and there is 88 local version of YouTube. So how YouTube detects copyright violations?
Now YouTube is much bigger than it was in 2004 and users are getting used to searching for anything they want to learn, enjoy or entertain their self in free time on YouTube. This huge demand has made it very tremendous, and competition of Video producers and YouTube creators has taken another level along with YouTube’s job to stop use to copyright material.YouTube-copyright-violation
I was writing about Royalty Free Music sources for YouTube and got to think about this, How YouTube manage to stop copyright violation and finally found the answer after lots of Googling. YouTube uses a great system to called Content ID that let user claim copyright violations and videos are sometimes taken down automatically for favorite tracks, video footage.
YouTube announce Content ID in October 2010 that features audio and video comparing, analysis and matching tool. Content ID compares all video and audio with the owners content.  You can submit a copyright violation claim, counter notification and dispute a Content ID claim from here.

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