How to Update Router Firmware

Updating your hardware's drivers and firmware is very important for security reasons and performance aspects. In case of router manufactures, they provide updates for their router firmware from time to time when a security or performance bug is patched and it solves issues regarding your hardware. You can find firmware update from manufacturer's website or directly use update button from router's setting interface. This article guides you to update router firmware.

How to update router firmware

  1. First of all determine the brand name, mode version and firmware version of the router. You can find these information printed on the back of the router.
  2. After finding all require info go to publisher's website to find and download the latest firmware.
  3. Find default IP address of your router.
  4. Navigate to Maintenance and choose upgrade option.
  5. On upgrade page you will see an option for to choose new firmware and upgrade button.
After all process are done restart your router and configure your router's setting from web interface again.
There are lots of router brand and not all of them share similar interface and navigation but its very easy to find options in your router's web interface.
Some useful links for updating router's firmware :-
  1. NetGear
  2. TPLink
  3. Asus
  4. LinkSys
Updating router makes your wireless network secure and increases hardware efficiency as well. If you have any question regarding upgrading router's firmware you can ask us below in comments.

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