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"weird websites list"
There are numbers of "weird websites" among all online pages today to entertain and help you in boredom. I have tried to handpick some of the greatest weird websites around the web with the aid of some modern sources. These websites are funny and entertaining at the same time. If you try to calculate some websites online today, we can refer to the total indexed page by Google to calculate some websites online, and it is around 43 billion websites since June 2016, and these figures go up and down throughout the year. There is no doubt most of the online contents are not very much useful and created for personal use, but there are number of weird websites to entertain you; let us check a few of them:-

List of the Weird Websites

  • Fucking Home Page: - This is a Tumblr blog to educate that provides fucking weird information on daily basis. is top on this list because of its weirdness and information shared on this website will surely relate you. The name might be offensive to some people, but content shared on this excellent blog worths a visit. This website shares a quote, a person, an education stuff, a mind-blowing book, an entertaining video, beautify picture and useful info for the day including a link to another weird website each day. (Visit FuckingHomePage)
  • UnCensored Report: - If you are a real fan of watching funny things on the Internet and have guts to watch severe accident and crime videos. You can check out this weird site called uncensored report, containing a non-censored version of videos of crimes, accidents, deaths, people ripped apart in accidents and so on. I strictly suggest you to watch them at your risk; these graphics can be severely disturbing because they are incredibly weird and offensive at the same time. Visit
  • Zero Censorship: - Zero Censorship is upgraded version of the Uncensored report. This website contains a weird and uncensored version of news material, reality videos with some accidents and graphic violence as well. You can find lots of weird stuff at, but it may contain disturbing content as well.
  • Compliment Generator: - Well in case if you are lazy to compliment your loved one or want to congratulate yourself. This website contains an endless number of compliments for you and all of them worth your time. (link to the website)
  • Flight Radar: - This is very well known websites to see live airline traffic around the world. Not all Aeroplanes are shown on the flight radar, but it is weird to watch the live air traffic in real time. (link to the website)
  • Alien Drawings: - These websites are no more updated but have enough content of drawing made by children claimed as abducted. This website claims to be non-profit, and public service and you can check it out here. It contains the weird collection of drawings by children after being abducted by aliens or some shit like that.
  • XKCD is entertaining and weird comic collection websites, and its name is an acronym (doesn't means anything or random). It contains some meaning full but kind of weird cartoons. All of them make sense but sometimes it's weird as well here is an example.
  • Sometimes Red Some Times Blue: - There are lots of weird websites like this, but I have added just this one. These one ain't useful in the informational term, but you should try your luck on getting red and blue randomly, just reload the page.
  • Disclose TV: - Disclose tv contains a collection of topics uncovering weird and sense things, lots of videos there don't have the source, but they are weird and entertaining as well. This kind of content on similar websites don't deserve your time at all but in case you want to see something weird try them out.
  • See the Unseen: - News of Future is most weird websites in our list, it generates news which is going to take place in future. If you like fantasising News of future is a good read for you.
  • I love you like a fat lady love apples: - This website is weird because of you help a fat woman loves eating an apple, and you need to help her in it. You can spend a few minutes by playing this game built in flash.
  • Find the Invisible Cow: - Finding a cow on your browser's display with the help of her voice, when you are near to her sound will increase and after getting five points you can change the animal as well. This weird game is sometimes entertaining when you are completely bored or want something weird to play with. (Link)
  • I will end this list with The Useless Web because you just need to press a button to get some pointless and weird websites.

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