How to Password Protect Google Chrome

If your machine is not very much protected and other persons have access to it, you should protect your Google Chrome's account with a password. There are lots of data can be seen from your logged in Google Chrome browser, saved passwords, financial informations etc are available from Chrome's setting menu without any need of password of your Google account. This data needs to be protected and if your friend often use your Chrome browser your computer you can either create a guest profile or lock your own profile in Google Chrome. After locking your Chrome's profile it requires your Google account's password to access the data. Locking your profile in Google Chrome is best option because guest profile user can also run Chrome as you by switching the user account or they can start Chrome as admin from your machine as well.
How to Lock Google Chrome with a password
This is new feature added in Chrome but not enabled by default, so you will need to enable new profile management system from Google Chrome's flag page.

  • Open Flag://
  • Find "New profile management system"
  • Change its variable from default to Enable.
  • Relaunch your Chorme.
Once browser is restarted click on profile option left to minimize button and choose lock option from there.

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