How to Take Screenshots in Google Chrome

take screenshot in Google Chrome
Screenshots are very useful in many cases, and we have recently discussed a few good screenshot tools for Windows, and this article will help you to take a screenshot in Google Chrome with the aid of extensions. Most people wonder about taking a screenshot on Google Chrome, but there are lots of useful extensions to help you with that. Lets checkout methods for taking a screenshot in Google Chrome.

Taking Screenshot in Google Chrome

All Operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac) features clipboard feature, and this feature can be used to take a screenshot and later we can save it with the help of paint program.
To take a screenshot on Windows press Print Scr button and on Mac press Cmd+Shift+3. Once Screenshot is captured, you can save it on any paint program that you use. This is a little time-consuming process, but it captures whole webpage's screenshot for you.

How to Capture Screenshots with Extensions

The extensions have made Chrome browser so much accessible without any doubt, and there are lots of extensions to help you with any problems, issues. Extensions are especially useful when you want to save your time or want to do something easily this is why extensions are built for browsers. I have more than 10 extensions installed on my Chrome browser and two of them are for screenshot purpose. One I have for a full page screenshot and another for simple screenshot with annotation feature.
Some of the great screenshot extensions for Google Chrome browser :-
Apart from these I prefer using "Full Page Screenshot" because it captures full page screenshot with one click. You can prefer using anyone which suites you better. Let us know what you have been using for taking screenshots in Google Chrome browser.

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