Best Pet Tech - An Updated Guide

In these advanced tech days pet technology has changed dramatically. In the past the only pet gadgets out on the market were pet trackers. A great and wonderful invention but limited. Today the magical world of technology has come home to meet your pet and make it’s way into their heart. 

Top Pet Tech Picks Guide 2017

Pet Tech Guide

With new pet technology you can now upgrade your dog’s playtime, keep an eye on their health, and discover which one of your pets gets into the trash when you leave! Below are some of the best innovations in pet technology on the market today.

PitPat is a must have device for any dog owner that’s concerned about their furry friend’s well being. This small, lightweight tracker attaches directly onto the dog’s collar with velcro. While lightweight this device is also high quality, sturdy, and even waterproof making it able to go wherever your dog goes with ease! 

After you download the companion app onto your chosen smartphone or device you’ll be able to view information on your dog including how much time it has spent running, walking, playing, and resting over the course of the day. This can be a useful tool in learning what your dog needs to either maintain a healthy lifestyle or start living one.

 It’s also incredibly useful if you’re away from home on most days and still want to ensure that your dog is living the happiest, healthiest life it possibly can. 

If you’re having to leave home for a few days or just can’t bear to be apart from your pet over the course of the work day the Petzi is a must have! This incredible device allows you, the ever-concerned pet owner, to keep an eye on them when you’re away. You can do this by simply using the companion app on your chosen device. 

Other than keeping an eye on them you can also speak to them and dispense a treat for your pet! You can also capture images with this amazing do-it-all pet tech device, that way you’ll never miss a cute moment.

If you’re looking for great deals on great tech like this look no further than PetSmart. They’ve got incredible deals on ultrasonic pet collars, electronic pet door kits, dog fences, pet tech accessories, and so much more! Don’t miss out on all the amazing deals PetSmart has to offer you and your furry friend. 

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