3 Modern Technologies That Will Change Sex

If earlier men, improving their knowledge of sex, searched for Kama Sutra or tried to learn more about dating a russian woman,  today men are increasingly interested in the impact of technology on sex. In the XX century, the sexual revolution was called emancipation, mini-skirts and condom distribution. In the XXI century, the sexual revolution will be much more technological and radical.

This Is How Tech Will Totally Change Your Sex

Modern Technologies That Will Change Sex

Of all the basic human actions, sex has undergone the least changes in the last millennium. Even the sexual revolution, which began in the last century and brought to the world the freedom of statements about sex, frank scenes in movies and a variety of contraceptive methods did not have a significant impact on sex and attitude to it.

Everything will change in the near future. On the approach there are some innovations that radically change the perception of sex and its role in modern society.

Ideal Contraception

The experimental drug Vasalgel promises to be a real revolution in the difficult struggle of modern medicine with an undesirable conception.And women will be completely delighted with him. For the simple reason that he assumes perfect contraception without their participation.

Ideal Contraception

Vasalgel is a drug that is injected into the male body by a simple gel injection. The gel blocks the movement in the vas deferens, along which the sperm moves to the penis. The action of the drug can be interrupted at any time by making another injection of the substance, which will result in resorption of the gel plug in the vas deferens.

Tests on monkeys have already shown a 100% effectiveness of the drug. In the test groups of rhesus monkeys, no pregnancies were recorded.In the near future, tests will be started on people. The developers hope to start selling Vaselgel, which can radically change the contraceptive market, as early as 2018. So in this great year men will have the opportunity to think about how to pick up a russian girl without a phobia of becoming a father accidently.

Virtual 3D Porn

In fact, this header sounds good, but it does not accurately reflect the essence of the question. Technologies of virtual reality are already actively used today for excursions into the exciting (for someone) world of pornography.But the combination of several virtual reality devices, for example, such as Oculus Rift and Leap Motion can open the door for the advent of this era of virtual sex.

Virtual 3D Porn

The first device (virtual reality glasses) will give the user a realistic picture, transferring it to another reality. And the second (a gadget that recognizes gestures and translates them into commands for a computer) will allow you to operate in this virtual reality with your own hands. In the literal sense of the word.

In such circumstances it is easy to imagine the scenario of Julius Caesar's sex with Cleopatra in an ordinary Brooklyn apartment.Or a painless procedure for changing sex. For a while. Simply put, the term virtual sex will acquire a completely different meaning.

The Erogenous Zone

The joke that the brain is the main erogenous zone has been for many centuries. And finally, in the XXI century, a person can not only joke about this topic, but also actively use all the sexual capabilities of the brain.

For example, using brain implants. According to the futurist Zoltan Istvan, science already knows about the brain enough to create implants that can stimulate those centers that are responsible for sexual pleasure, directly, bypassing, in fact, the process of having sex.

It opens absolutely incredible prospects because theoretically it will give an opportunity to get sexual pleasure in general without partners. And also will allow to experience all the delights of sex for those people who, due to various circumstances, do not have the physical capabilities for this.

You can also assume the creation of network devices that will allow you to still have sex with someone, but at a distance. So you will be able to meet ukrainian woman and your sex will no longer require physical touch and "exchange of fluids."

Work on various kinds of brain implants is actively conducted in various laboratories around the world. And in some cases, it's about technologies that are much more complex than simply stimulating certain areas of the brain. For example, the US military is working on an implant that helps to recall forgotten memories. 😊

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