How to Fix Your Low Self-Esteem?

It’s no secret that a lot of people suffer from a low self-esteem. When it comes to our worth, mainly we either pushing it too high or too low. While those who have exaggerated self-esteem will soon face that they may be wrong, those with a low self-worth try to dismiss all of their accomplishments. 

Tips to Improve Your Self-Esteem

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Low self-esteem often leads to depression and thoughts that your life is worthless and meaningless. Definitely, such an attitude needs to be treated. So, without further ado check out ways to boost your self-esteem. This article includes what you need to knowbefore committing to someone.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others is the first step to the low self-esteem. We compare ourselves with others in terms of figure, success in relationship, success at work, financial success. But when you start comparing yourself to others, you lose yourself. The only person in your life that you need to prove anything is you, thus there is no need to compare yourself with anyone else. There is no competition between you and the others, unless you create on one.

Learn to Say “No”

It is really hard to learn to say “no”. It all starts at school, as we want to get recognized by others. In order to do so we are ready to say “yes” to anything, including things that we are really not into. We are afraid to say “no”, as we think that the sound of this word is enough to make us feel rejected. 

But in the end, you don’t have to do what you don’t want to. And your low self-esteem starts when you are forced to do something in order to indulge needs and desires of someone else. As soon as you say “no” you get the freedom to do what you want. Russian culture, for example, is all about being able to say “no” in disputable situations.

Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

When you have a low self-esteem, it is hard to believe that you have done something great even when the President phones you to tell you what a great job you have done. Perfectionism is great, but you won’t go far without admitting your achievements. You are working at place that you like? You’ve accomplished several successful project? Your story got published? 

You managed to buy an apartment yourself? Well, you deserve respect. Those are accomplishments. Okay, maybe you didn’t find a cure for HIV or managed to defeat famine in the world, still you have achieved something in your life. Under appreciating your own existence is one of the typical mistakes indating

Make a List of Your Qualities

Sometimes it is really useful to make a list of your positive and negative qualities in order to cure your low self-esteem. Or you can just stick with positive ones. When you have low self-esteem it is hard to believe that there is anything good about you. When you see the list of your positive qualities, you’ll have no problems in believing that there is something good about you.

Rediscover Your Dreams

Rediscover Your Dreams

Low self-esteem scatters away all of your dreams. In order to boost it, try to remember the things that you were really passionate about. Have you materialized any of your plans and goals? If not – the best time to do it is now. Trying to achieve your goals will boost your self-esteem, as at least you have tried to make your dreams come true. 😊

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