Download Link2SD Latest Version APK for Android

Everyone has android device and smartphones with them in this era of modernization, and we know that GB’s are not enough to store everything in our smartphone if we buy a phone with 8 Gb internal storage often known as ROM we only get about 4.5GB to use as 3.5GB are reserved for the preinstalled apps and data’s.

Link2SD Latest APK Free Download for Android

Link2SD Apk Download for Android

So we struggle with the space issues and we have to undesirably uninstall the apps we want to use in our smartphone. And we want the permanent solution for this problem and you will be excited to listen that in this post you will get the fix for this problem.

This app link2SD helps you to move the files or apps from the device to the SD card that can’t be move by simple copy paste, its only condition is that your device must be rooted to use this app. It can be called as app manager that helps us to make the android easy to handle by not creating any space issues.

Link2SD  Android App Info

App Name
Android 4.0 and up
Bulent Akpinar

Link2SD Features

  1. Apk, dex and lib files of any app can be linked to SD card.
  2. Newly installed apps can be linked automatically to the SD card.
  3. Force move i.e. if the app doesn’t support after moving to SD card you can try this option.
  4. You will get notified when an app installed supports this app.
  5. You can freeze and un-freeze the users apps.
  6. Preinstalled apps can be converted to the user apps and vice versa.
  7. All data and cache data can be cleared of any app by this app.
  8. Integrate ‘Updated’ system applications into the internal storage.
  9. Clear all he cache of the apps in one tab.
  10. App you want to not clear the cache data can be excluded in the clear all cache option.
  11. Notify if the total size of the cache that is stored exceeds.
  12. Reebot widget is also added with this app i.e. reboot can be done on one click.
  13. Supports more than 40 languages.
  14. Search option is also provided to search the app by name.
  15. List all the apps, show details of the size info and link status.
  16. Huge variety of options to sort and filter the applications.

How to install link2SD?

Step 1: Open the Google play store on your android device.
Step 2: Now search for link2SD.
Step 3: Install the app and download starts as the app is downloaded launch it.

How link2SD Works?

1) It uses he second partition i.e. the SD card and it uses it as the internal storage.
2) It moves apk, .dex, lib and internal files of the app into the SD card as it was in the internal memory.
3) Linking the obb files and other data files with the app and games.
4) The folders of the apps i.e. the folder of obb files, data files of the apps are moved to the external memory i.e. SD card.

How to Use Link2SD

These are needed to run Link2SD

  • You will need the root permission.
  • A SD card must be installed or inserted in the device.
  • There must be two Primary partitions on the Card.
  • The obb and external data files of the apps and games is linked only if the device is rooted.
  • Link2Sd apk does not create any second partition by itself it must be created by the user itself.

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