The 7 + 1 Graphic Design Trends That Will Mark 2017

Graphic design is one of the fields most subject to fashion. Influenced by new technologies, electronic devices, art and mainstream culture. It is in constant change and movement. From the School of Business and Management we present 7 + 1 trends to your brand is soaked with creativity.

Graphic Design Trends You Need To Be Aware

Graphic Design Trends


Graphic design has a predilection for the vintage style. It collects influences and references from the 1950s especially. The retro-modern trend combines the best of today with the highlights of yesteryear. Old and new concepts are merged into typographies and color palettes, mainly red, blue and black. This style has a privileged gap in packaging, web design and brand logos.


Brands always seek to establish an emotional connection with their customers and users. The hand or hand draw design conveys a human touch, closeness and casual and casual tone. They also evoke a certain childish and nostalgic feeling. In general, they are adaptable designs and applicable to all types of brands and companies. It serves both for logos and for typefaces.


The appearance of different electronic devices, each with a different resolution and format, has completely changed the way graphic design is understood. Like the webs, the logos also have to be responsive and adapt to all screen sizes. Without losing quality, nor the essence, nor its main characteristics. Responsive logos are simple and malleable.


This is a booming trend. They are images that reproduce infinite times a subtle and little accentuated movement and that conveys the sensation of watching an animation. Usually in GIF format. The possibility of incorporating movement into the image provokes interest and captures the attention of the surfer.


Modular or modular design has been a leading trend for years. It will take force in 2017 due, mainly, to responsive design. It allows to organize large blocks of text in small spaces more manageable. Thus, greater interaction with the design and a professional appearance is achieved. It is recommended to merge blocks of text with images.


Less is more. Minimalism is a trend emerged in the first half of the twentieth century that regains its strength thanks to web design. It is based on simplicity and functionality. This eliminates shadows, reliefs, gradients and textures. It dispenses with all three-dimensionality. Opt for flat colors and voids that provide breathability.


Pantone has already chosen the color that will mark 2017: greenery. It is a green with yellowish tones, very refreshing and revitalizing. Leptrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute, says that Greenery "represents the need for security and freshness in a politically and socially convulsive environment. That desire to reconnect with nature and oneself. " This color will encourage consumers to take in air and oxygenate.


Negative space is the same as silence. It also transmits and has value and meaning. The negative space is that void of elements, which is intentionally left unoccupied. It is about taking advantage of all the spaces to launch a second message. This 2017 will predominate the images that play with the negative spaces for deeper ideas or double meanings. It is used a lot in the design of logos. It helps convey a sense of minimalism and clarity.

Now that you know them, do not hesitate to apply these trends in the graphic design of your brand. To achieve a good branding strategy, take advantage of practical ENyD marketing and sales specialization courses.

Trends in Graphic and Web Design for 2017

Although each studio or designer follows a line or has its own style, there are a number of visual trends that must be followed to be up to date. In this profession, being at the forefront of design and technology is very important. And they know it well.
Four Graphic Design Trends for 2017


The minimalist approach returns, the simple and functional premium over complex aspects.

Illustrations by hand

The images made by hand bring warmth, a human value to the design. This modality is used, above all, to explain everyday situations.

In addition, the vintage style already used by many brands for its branding strategy, will continue to sweep this year.

Bold Photography

A fusion between thick typographies and intense photographs. The images are suggestive, that is, they suggest a series of ideas thanks to the contrast produced with the text.

Modular design

It consists of using different blocks of text, instead of using only one and long. This formula brings more usability, and gives a more professional design.


If you want to make a difference with an innovative and creative web, surely one of the elements to choose will be the parallax scroll. This resource gives the web great visual dynamism and depth.


Moving photos are booming. The cinemagraphs are a mixture of photo and video, images in which a small repetitive movement occurs. GIF format is used to create them.


Microinteractions will invade web pages. Any movement will involve a small action on the part of the page, for example, pass or rest the finger above the mouse.

This small compilation are the trends that will be seen this year, the most attractive and that will facilitate the user experience when browsing. But it is not always necessary to use some or all of them, the most important thing is to choose which one or which ones fit your project more according to the needs of your business. 😊

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