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Who wouldn’t want to download their favorite videos and stack them for offline viewing? Most of the online visitors fervently look for options to download videos of their favorite English Series, playable content like rhymes for their children, etc. from several video channels like YouTube, Vimeo. Freemake provides a fast and efficient Free YouTube Video Downloader

FREE Video Downloader Software By Freemake

FREE Video Downloader by Freemake

With a host of features that are received accolades at various download forums, the video downloader by Freemake is becoming the most downloaded software by the cyber savvy crowd. 

Here is a list of features that you get on downloading and using the Free YouTube Video Downloader software that is promoted by Freemake.

a. Version History - With its initial release in the year 2010, the software has undergone metamorphosis through a lot of versions. The product has matured to a fully capable and stable video downloader and is currently available as version 3.8 (released in 2016)

b. Support for multiple Windows platforms - The software is primarily available to be utilized for Windows platforms. The support is available to Windows Vista, Win 7, 8 and Windows 10

c. Easy to use interface - A very simple and easy to use interface facilitates the users to directly paste the URLs and add the video to this list to be downloaded or played. A 2-click mechanism is all that is needed to capture visuals of the videos from YouTube.

Free YouTube Video Downloader

d. Customer support for issues - With an excellent technical team, any issue that is reported is resolved in a time frame of 24 hours. Be assured of fixing any glitches in a jiffy!

e. Support for all video formats -  All popular video formats such as MP3, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP4 is supported for efficient and uninterrupted download through the Free YouTube Video Downloader. The videos from YouTube can be downloaded as-is in the formats that they have been uploaded. Minimal conversions in the video formats are also available – you can save YouTube Music as MP3 files with the help of the video downloader

f. Free of Cost - The makers of the software were keen on the Video Downloader to be free of cost. There are no hidden charges that may intimidate users about the usage of the product over the period of time

g. Supreme Quality - The process of video downloading and the resulting videos are assured of supreme quality. This is yet another attribute besides free of cost that the software makers were very focused about. Original quality of the videos that are downloaded via the Free YouTube Video Downloader is preserved. 4K and HD quality of videos can be chosen accordingly while downloading to establish the video quality while the online users download their videos. Other interim quality standards vary from 1440p, 1080p, 720p till 180p.

Supreme Quality

h. Ability to export music - Besides downloading of the videos, the music that is downloaded can be exported to compatible devices such as iPhone. Choose the ‘Export to iTunes’ so as to use the converted music files with iTunes. 

Ability to export music

The options aren’t limited to iTunes – you may rip web links to other devices like PSP, Android Phones

i. Unlimited video channels support - The product’s downloading capabilities isn’t just limited YouTube. Several other online video channels like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Flickr are also supported by this video downloader. This list is actually quite exhaustive with its support to several local websites of countries like Japan and France. You have a solution at hand to download as many reviews, how-to videos, films and TV shows using this smart downloader. The support is extended to 10000+ sites on the World Wide Web

j. Faster downloads - The Free YouTube Video Downloader uses the multi-thread technology and hence rips all the YouTube videos at a greater and faster speed. Freemake’s video downloader has proven fastest video downloads at 4 minutes for an HD quality video that runs for two hours

k. Extensive YouTube Content downloads - You will be amazed to see the support to download every type of YouTube content using this video downloader. From Vevo videos that have been uploaded to the YouTube channel to specific user channels, from the prime YouTube charts to YouTube user playlists, from full-length movies to YouTube content that is embedded on other sites, the Free YouTube Video Downloader can provide for downloading all YouTube content

l. Stay updated with new YouTube Design - Most of the YouTube downloaders and their relevant software stop working after a time as the video channel keeps improving and is constantly updated. The video coding mechanism changes as frequent as 2 months! There is no need to panic when you encounter such an issue – Freemake’s video downloaders are updated with new YouTube design or coding changes. Just visit the products/ supports page and download the newer version of the YouTube video downloader that will work perfectly well with new YouTube design. At times, Freemake releases newer versions when such new YouTube design changes are seen

m. Tune to your network speed - Are you encountering slowness with your internet and hence wouldn’t want the downloader to choke the network? Do not worry! The video downloader provides the provision to limit the speed of the download according to your network or bandwidth limitations. Set it as low as 700 Kbps or to a moderate value of 4 Mbps

Check out the value add-ons!

There are value add-ons that are highly useful and that normally do not come in with other video downloader’s. Do you want to know what they are?

i. Proxy facility for downloading videos that is normally not accessible. This overrides any restriction that may be imposed at your network level.

ii. The facility to pause downloads and also to restore any interrupted downloads is available with the video downloader.

iii. An important feature is a parental control that can be set for the adult sites.

iv. The facility to look through the download history is available in the video downloader tool.

v. There is quite an interesting feature that is available with the downloaded files – it is the ability to be saved to Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive. A default destination can be chosen for all downloaded files. This feature automatically transfers all of your YouTube downloaded content to the cloud – stash your movies, music and video clips securely on the cloud

This list is surely convincing enough to try and use the Free YouTube Video Downloader. With an instant, 2-step process, every video that you wish to save locally is available as a file. Ensure you choose the quality of the source video file, use the URL and save the file to your desktop or your gadgets.

Freemake’s Free Video Downloader has a huge crowd of users – more than 80 million and the count keeps increasing. With voted as the best software for downloading YouTube videos, Freemake’s Free YouTube Video Downloader has a great social media attraction through Facebook, Google+ and on Twitter too! 

Try the Numero Uno YouTube downloader that is ruling the download space for the last 7 years and witness all the features come alive with the Freemake’s Free Video Downloader. Experiment several other Freemake software that help you import music or convert videos to a relevant/ playable format. 😊

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