How to Read Other Peoples Text Messages Android App

Text messages have been around since the beginning of the cell phone and while the world no longer uses phone with brick keyboards and small screens, the function and use of the good old text message is very much prevalent – even with the technological advances from cell phones to smart phones and the increase in social media and chat apps.

How to Secretly Monitor Someone's Text Messages on Android

How to Secretly Monitor Someone's Text Messages on Android

The availability to phones by people of all age ranges, genders and races means that the standard text message has extended its reach and convenience for billions of people and as a result of this wide spread use, the ability to track text messages was born and this ability has been taken a step further by companies who have created new apps that are not only able to track text messages but also have a whole host of features and plugs that make it possible to do so much more than simply track text messages.

The obvious but rhetorical question is why would anyone want to read other peoples messages, this is quickly answered by the clear and disturbing truth that while humans crave privacy and security, they also crave the ability to be able to encroach on others privacy and get a view or glimpse of the other person’s life. While every aspect of this notion is true, there is so much more to the ability to track and read other people’s messages than simple curiosity and greed.

For example being able to read other peoples text messages allows institutions and people such as the government and private investigators to use the software for legal purposes or, alternatively parents who wish to monitor and track their underage children’s text messages to protect them from potential threats.

So now that you know why people use text message tracking apps, perhaps you have your own reasons, you then need to know the best apps and software that will enable you to do just that and depending on your phones operating system, this varies.

Android is one of the two most popular phone operating systems and the Play Store is chock block full of different apps that claim to be able to track text messages and finding the best one is a task and a half. You no longer need to worry because doing this is as easy as three simple steps and here is how to read other peoples text messages with an Android app.

  1. Choose the app
  2. Install the app
  3. Use

Being able to read other peoples text messages with and Android app is easy but the determining factor of whether you have a good experience or not, whether you are able to properly read the messages or not and whether your entire mission is successful mainly depends on which kind of app you select and there are many apps that are supported by the Android platform such as DDI Utilities and Surepoint Spy but the best app that is also specifically created for the Android system is Auto Forward Spy.

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With Auto Forward Spy you are not only able to view the text messages, you can also read old and deleted ones as well and the app manages to do this by going through the phones logs and system and retrieving the texts before they are overwritten. All text messages also have the date, time and receiving number on them.

In addition to this, Auto Forward Spy allows you to record both sides of a call conversation, monitor social media, track the phone via GPS monitor and record email, see call activity, access contacts, view the browser history, remotely take photos and generally observe all activity related with the phone.

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