Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: Managing Money In Your 30’s

While pop culture teaches us to dread turning 30, it’s actually an exciting and usually revolutionary period in our life. Whether you’re getting married, having children, starting your own business, or buying a home, there is a lot going on. But keep in mind these are huge life changes that often require a lot of money.

Freedom Debt Relief Review

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Life is eventful enough without constantly worrying about money. Not to mention, getting a grip on your finances can change your life and your family’s for the better. Freedom Debt Relief reviews financial tips to put you in control of your finances and wealth building.

Spend Less Than You Earn

Not a little bit less, a lot less. Many people live their lives spending just about everything they earn each month, putting a tiny amount into savings, and thinking they are doing great. Cue a big unexpected expense or desired lifestyle change and they are shocked into reality.

The best way to create wealth is to save and invest your money. You can’t do that if you spend all of it each month. Investments mean your money is working while you sleep and compound interest can make you very wealthy over time.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews take a big picture perspective and think about coming life changes you’ll want to be able to afford. The time to start saving for your first home or child is yesterday, but today will do.

Avoid Lifestyle Creep

You just got that big raise and you are feeling flush. Finally, you can afford everything the neighbors can. It’s tough to avoid spending more when you have more. But this is lifestyle creep and is not a recipe to build wealth.

A great way to avoid lifestyle creep is committing to investing a certain percentage of your income. Freedom Debt Relief reviews that way, when you get the raise, you’ve already predetermined how much will go into savings and investment accounts.

Review Your Finances

As mentioned earlier, you need to take a big-picture perspective when it comes to your finances. This means blocking out times every month to sit down to think about your finances and make long-term plans. Extra money won’t magically appear when you need it.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews sit down with your significant other and try to imagine timelines for events like children’s college, retirement, or a first home purchase. Knowing your goals allows you to make strategic investments that allow you to achieve those goals. Different goals have different time horizons. You’ll need a specific investment vehicle that will allow you access to the funds when you need it, without sacrificing the advantage of investing for an extended period of time.

Spend On What You Care About

A bit more on the life advice side, but this is still good financial advice. The more money you make, the more you’ll have available to spend. With more options, you’ll need to choose wisely. The best way to spend your money is on things that actually matter to you.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews this is highly personal to you. Think about your core values like family, community, or education. Trying to match your neighbor’s fancy vacation will not only waste your money, but it will waste your time. You won’t be as fulfilled spending money just to keep up appearances as if you spent that money on something really important to you.

Enlist Help (Or Don’t)

Professional financial guidance can save you from making unnecessary mistakes. Find a financial advisor who works as a fiduciary 100% of the time (this means they’re legally obligated to act in your best interest).

A financial advisor can be a great way to get your finances in order so that you don’t have to worry about it. 

That being said, some people love taking care of their finances personally and are good at it. Those people may not need a financial advisor. Just make sure you take sound advice rather than chasing get-rich-quick schemes. 😊

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