Apple Raises Considerable Green With A Red iPhone

Picture an iPhone - It doesn’t matter which generation. You probably just imagined a thin black rectangle, maybe basing it on your brand new X. Or, if you’re particularly adventurous, maybe you visualized a thin grey rectangle.

Black or grey, your fantasy iPhone probably wasn’t bright red - unless you have a bad habit of getting spaghetti sauce on your handset. If so, you’d be wrong - in more ways than one. First, you’ve got to stop eating with your iPhone.

(Do you know how dirty your phone is)? Second, you’d be overlooking the latest special edition (PRODUCT)RED™ iPhone 8.

iPhone Red Mobile

What is it?

Released back in April, this special edition iPhone 8 boasts a gorgeous crimson body - a stark contrast to Apple’s typical monochromatic lineup. As a result, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Almost entirely red, the iPhone 8 has a black front facing bezel that complements the red nicely, toning down what could have been an overwhelming hue if the sun it right. Under that fresh coat of paint, the mid-cycle 8 will share much of the same features as the first 8.

What the (PRODUCT)RED™ Stamp means

Part of the money generated by this blushing 8 will go to Global Fund programs, a charity working to make an AIDS-free generation a reality. This organization uses the money to provide HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, treatment, and prevention programs in Africa-with a special focus on education to eliminate the transmission of this disease from mothers to their babies.

While a charitable thing in the grand scheme of things, the red iPhone 8 is getting some Apple fans seeing green.

Those who just started a very long upgrade cycle can’t afford to ditch their new handset. Though they’re unlucky for upgrading before Apple could release its vibrant red handset, Fortune hasn’t left them totally adrift.

Apple RED iPhone Color

Apple is a little late to the color party

Skin companies such as dbrand have offered a way to customize the color of your handset for years. And red is just one color of the rainbow - to think this is your only choice means you’ve never used their online skin builder to make custom skins for your iPhone X.

The builder lets you try on their entire catalogue of iPhone decals and see what each design looks like in real time before you commit to a look. In addition to true colors of the rainbow, they offer premium textures like cement, marble, black camo, and dragon skin.

Make one-or several-to up your iPhone game and transform the X (or any other generation) completely wherever you are in your upgrade cycle.

Waiting for the next (RED) iPhone is a gamble

You could also just wait. The iPhone 8 wasn’t the first generation to have a (PRODUCT)RED™ makeover. Apple partnered with The Global Fund to raise charity for AIDS research 11 years ago. Since that inaugural year, there have been many (PRODUCT)RED™ products.

While they run the gamut of home décor and accessories, one of these products included the cherry-red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus from last year. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, they’ll continue to release these special edition handsets in the future.

It’s up to luck and good-timing to synchronize the end of your upgrade cycle with Apple’s next(PRODUCT)RED™ release. Until then, you always have the option of customizable iPhone X skins.

Regardless of how you plan to personalize your phone, Apple’s new (PRODUCT)RED™ line will continue to generate green for a worthy cause. To date, the Cupertino-based company has raised more than $160 million through sales of its (RED) products - making it a meaningful addition to the Apple lineup.

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